Klarna’s cookie statement.

We use cookies, web beacons and similar technologies (collectively referred to as “cookies”) to enhance your experience with Klarna.
We use cookies on our websites and in our services such as our customer portal, Klarna Checkout and various payment methods.
In this cookie statement we inform you about how we use cookies and what options you have to affect this use.
Information on how we use your personal data can be found in our data protection policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files consisting of letters and numbers. They are sent by Klarna’s web server or the web server of our contractual partners and stored on the hard drive or the internal memory of your computer as described below. We use different types of cookies:

  • Session cookies are temporary cookie files, which disappear as soon as you close the browser or app.
  • Persistent cookies are cookie files that are stored on your computer until actively deleted or automatically removed after a certain period of time.
  • First-party cookies are cookies that are placed directly by the website you visit.
  • Third-party cookies are cookies placed by a third party.

Web beacons are small, graphic images that can be found in the emails we send you, for example. Similar technologies refers to any technologies that store information in your browser or on your computer that are similar to cookies or web beacons.

A cookie enables our website and our services to remember your actions and preferences (such as login details, font size and other settings) over a certain period of time, so you don’t have to reset or re-enter them every time you visit our site.

Why do we use cookies?

The cookies we use generally enable us to offer you our services. Some of our services require cookies to function, while other cookies make our services smooother. Our cookies can basically be divided into the following categories:

  • Functional cookies are necessary for us to be able to offer you our standard services, for example our payment services or our customer portal. Our services cannot function without these cookies.
  • Optimisation cookies provide us with an overview of analytical information about how you use our services. These cookies are also necessary so that we can constantly improve our services. Our products wouldn’t be so smoooth without these cookies.
  • Personalisation cookies allow us to determine your personal preferences (for example, your preferred language or whether you wish to have your data pre-populated). Without these types of cookies we cannot adapt our services to your preferences. These cookies are necessary as they make your online experience with Klarna as smoooth as possible, which is one of the main advantages of using our services.
  • Security-related cookies help guarantee the security of our services and your information, for example, by helping us detect fraud and protect your privacy. These cookies are essential because security is an integral part of our services.
  • Marketing cookies are explained in more detail below.

Marketing cookies

Klarna uses marketing cookies to personalise and enhance your experience with our website and services, in marketing emails and with third-party advertising.

  • Marketing automation: Cookies from our marketing automation platform enable us to provide you with relevant information in our communications.
    Personal information and information voluntarily submitted by the user, for example via forms on our website, is used by Klarna to provide more relevant information on the website and via advertising channels.
  • Analytics: Analytics cookies collect information about how users interact with our website and provide us with information about general interaction patterns rather than the behaviour of individual users. This data helps us to improve your experience on our website.
  • Advertising: Online advertising cookies collect information about your activities and interests across the entire website and enable us to show relevant targeted advertising via third-party channels (search engines, social media and display advertising networks).


Cookies we use

This cookie statement may need to be updated in the future. We therefore recommend that you read it regularly to keep up-to-date with how Klarna uses cookies. More details about which cookies we use, as well as other important information about cookies (for example, the reason cookies are used and how long they are stored) can be found here.

How can I control how Klarna uses cookies?

Your browser or device generally has settings relating to the use of cookies and their extent, as well as what cookies are currently being stored. In the description of your device or browser you will find more information on how to edit cookie settings (more can be found here). For example, you can completely disable the storage of cookies on your computer, accept only first-party cookies, or delete all cookies previously stored on your browser.

Please note that some of our services will not work if you disable the use of cookies or delete them.

Contact us

Klarna has a data protection officer and a data protection department, consisting of a team of data protection specialists, the Global Privacy Office. As data protection plays an important role at Klarna, we also have especially trained data protection professionals in our customer service. Our customer service representatives work directly with the Global Privacy Office and are happy to answer any questions you may about Klarna’s data protection. You can reach Klarna’s data protection team at any time by emailing datenschutz@klarna.de. For more information about Klarna, visit us at www.klarna.de.

This cookie statement was last updated on 15 May 2018.