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How do I integrate my Shopify store with Klarna?

Connect Klarna to Your Website in 5 Easy Steps
In order to integrate Klarna Payments with Shopify, please follow the steps below:

1. Generate new APIs in your Klarna Merchant Portal under “Settings” and save them as a text file.

2. Follow this link to install the Klarna Payment app and enter the store name (important): Always change the URL so it includes merchants unique store name and test that the link works correctly – it will not work if you just copy the store name after the link in the email

3. Go to Shopify, and click “Install payment provider”. This will add “Buy Now, pay later with Klarna” gateway to available Alternative Payment Providers list.

4- Next, go to Shopify > Settings > Payments > Alternative Payments Providers > Search for “Buy now, pay later with Klarna”

5 – Please input your new APIs generated earlier, and make sure test mode is disabled, and the plugin is activated.

Our step-by-step guide for Shopify retailers will help you more in detail to integrate your Shopify store with Klarna, and you´ll be offering our services to your shoppers in no time.

If you’re still experiencing issues, please send us a screenshot of both places where you input the API credentials so we can investigate further.

Increase Your Sales With Klarna On-Site Messaging

We offer an app on the Shopify app store to enable you to easily promote Klarna in your store.

Make sure you accept the T&Cs for On-site Messaging in Merchant Portal (ignore the manual additions of code here – the installation of the OSM app is enough, no further manual code additions are required), and then follow the steps below to set-up:

Download Klarna OSM App.

‘Add Placements’ from the Shopify OSM App

Select placements relevant to the site page selected (i.e. Home banner on the home page, Product Detail – Price Detail Badge on Product pages).

For more information, please check out this On-site messaging Masterclass and the Step-by-step guide including customisation on installation steps and frequently asked questions If you still have questions, our dedicated support team is here for you, just email

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