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Does Klarna share CO2 user data with any third parties?

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Is the Klarna app available in other languages?

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Is there a limit on Klarna?

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What happens after I‘ve reported my problem?

My return hasn’t been registered. What should I do?

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How do I sign up for 3 interest-free payments?

How do I download the app?

Why was the investigation of my return closed, even though my return hasn't been registered yet?

Where can I view my orders, balance and payments?

What happens when I report a return?

How do I return my order?

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Can I change my return after it’s been reported?

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What is Give one?

My order was cancelled. Why am I still being charged?

Why can’t I pay with Klarna anymore?

What is '3 interest-free payments'?

Does the tracker cover CO2 only?

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