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What do the different order details mean?

Curious about order details? Read on for explanations.

Merchant reference
It’s the order number that you, the retailer, should assign to the order. This is how your customers and shoppers can reference the purchase they made. If supplied, it is labeled as the ‘Order number’ within post purchase communications, as well as in the Klarna app.

Shipping address
The shipping address is the Klarna-approved address where you should ship the order.

Billing address
The billing address is used by Klarna to send payment instructions to customers and shoppers.

Klarna order ID
The unique Klarna system generates order IDs used for communication between our systems and yours, used to find a specific order.

Order lines
Order lines are the goods describing what your customers and shoppers ordered. They visualize the purchase for your shoppers in an email communication and in the Klarna app.

Activity log
The activity log shows all the updates to an order (like captures or refunds) made by you or our Merchant support team. It is sorted by the most recent activity so that you can easily trace what has happened to the order. If the action has been performed directly in the Merchant portal you will be able to see the email address of who performed the action, when it has been performed on the e-commerce platform you should be able to read ‘via API’ under the activity log. We suggest merchant to perform any action on your e-commerce platform and this will update in the Merchant Portal while the opposite will not work.

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