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FAQ migration

These frequently asked questions aim to help you with upgrading from Klarna Payment Methods “KPM” or Klarna Checkout Version 2 “KCOv2” to the latest products: Klarna Payments “KP” and Klarna Checkout Version 3 “KCO v3”.


Why should I upgrade my solution?

We are about to phase out our older product offering which is called “Klarna Payment Methods” and “Klarna Checkout (v2)”. All future enhancements and added features will only be made on our newer solutions such as Klarna Payments and Klarna Checkout v3. These updated versions will benefit both you and your customers.

I’m not sure what kind of product I have. How do I know?

If your merchant ID (EID) is containing solely numbers, you are using one of the older products. You can find your EID when you are logged in to Klarna Online or in the welcome email Klarna sent when you started using Klarnas payment products. KPM is a payment method you add to your checkout while KCO is a full checkout solution which includes all payment methods needed in one product. The old products are described here: https://developers.klarna.com/kpm/ and https://developers.klarna.com/kco-v2/.

Why do you stop supporting Klarna Payment Methods?

We want our products to be scalable for the future with the possibility to implement new features, improvements and be compliant. Since KPM can’t fulfill that purpose we launched Klarna Payments, the future-proof solution.

When is the end of Klarna Payment Methods overall?

End of September 2020

What improvements does Klarna Payments (KP) have over Klarna Payment Methods (KPM)?

Klarna Payments comes with new features both for merchants and consumers. Since Klarna handles the regulatory and legal aspects the terms and conditions, you as a merchant or partner don’t have to lift a finger. Also, KP has one single integration, covering all current and future Klarna markets. This will reduce efforts going forward and make it easy to start selling to new markets.

What do I have to do?

As a merchant, contact our sales department to start your migration process for our improved products. Soon we will launch a self-service update tool which will make it possible to migrate your solution through our Merchant Portal. Note that only the admin email of the store can start the upgrade via the self service tool.
As a partner, please update your integration to access our latest products and allow merchants to use it. Go to our developers page to get the technical details.

Legal arrangements

Partner specific: Is my existing partnership contract still valid or do I need to do something?

We will honour the agreement currently in place. The migration is primarily focused on technical updates and the administrative aspects stay in place as they are. If you have concerns, please contact your partner manager at Klarna.

Merchant specific: What will happen to my existing agreement when I upgrade?

If you use KCO v2 and are upgrading to KCO v3 or if you use KPM and are upgrading to KP, you’ll keep your existing contract with the same price settings, and only need to sign an addendum that extends coverage for the new products. If you have KPM and want KCO, you can get a new contract by going through our automatic onboarding. Don’t worry, it’s really simple and done quickly!

Where can I find the addendum for the terms and conditions?

You will be presented with the addendum when you begin the upgrade using the self-service tool. You can download it if you want to keep a copy or access it later.


What is Klarna Checkout?

Klarna Checkout is a complete checkout solution. Customers can choose to pay with their preferred payment method on any device, all through a single widget placed on your site. All our payment methods are included — Pay now, Pay later, and Slice it.

What is Pay Later?

Pay Later offers your customers the flexibility to pay for their purchase at a later date. Customers are usually given 14 days to pay for their purchase, with longer options available — up to 90 days for a one-time fee. Also it’s interest-free!

What is Slice it?

Slice it makes it possible to split a purchase into smaller installments with interest. Your customers will benefit from our real-time credit assessment and several different retail financing options.

Which countries will I be able to sell to?

You will get a European account by default with Klarna and keep the sales countries you are already selling to.
When a customer purchases in one of our primary markets* all Klarna’s local payment methods will be provided. If you want to add countries to your store, or if there are orders for markets outside of our primary markets, you can add our global solution**. Contact your regional Klarna sales department through our website when your upgrade is complete.
*Our primary European markets: SE, NO, FI, DE, AT, NL, UK +DK
**The transaction fee for global is 2,79% + 0,35 € within EEA and 4,99% + 0,35 € outside of EEA
More information found on our developer’s portal.

Upgrading process

What’s the status of my product upgrade?

In the self-service update tool there is a top banner that will show you where you are in the process and what’s the next step. If you’ve left the upgrade flow before it was completed you can go to the “Upgrade app” in Merchant Portal to get back and continue the process.

How do I know my upgrade is completed?

For verifying that your upgrade is successful, you have to place a test order. Once this order is successfully detected by us, the upgrade process is completed and the banner will be removed from Merchant Portal.


My platform needs a username and password to integrate with Klarna. What is this?

The username and password are your Live API credentials that you can generate yourself in the self-service upgrade tool.

The integration is not working, what should I do?

Make sure you have put in you live API credentials in the right place (some plugins have one field for test credentials and another for live credentials), have the correct product plugin installed and that test mode is turned off. Also check the integration guide for your specific integration that can be found in the self service update tool.

How can I test my integration?

To be able to do test orders you need to have API credentials for our playground environment and test mode active in your Klarna plug-in. To get to our playground you can click here.
If you want to use sample data when testing you will find it here. Use the details under ”Private person-Approved” and switch preferred country in the country selector in the top right corner.

I'm having trouble with the upgrade and need help. What should I do?

Contact our Merchant Support team.

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