What our merchants are saying.

Companies – no matter what size, shape or form they come in – use Klarna to boost their business. Find out what we’ve done for them. And what we can do for you.

Case studies from our retail partners.


“Through the Klarna and Stripe partnership, we were able to get up and running quickly with a tailored service that met our needs perfectly.”

Alex Nazarevich, Ecommerce Director at INDOCHINO


"We saw a big lift in sales and AOV once we introduced Klarna as an option at checkout."

Lauren Pearson, Senior Manager of CRM & Loyalty at rue21


"Since Klarna has existing brand awareness and alleviates the friction of cost, the ads we ran for OUAI featuring Klarna messaging drove more traffic to OUAI’s site, converted more first time buyers, and increased OUAI’s average order value."

Adena Merabi, Head of Strategic Partnerships at MuteSix


“There’s no lack of demand or competition for Bearpaw, as many stores sell our products at discounted prices instore and online. We believe that Klarna provided a compelling reason for customers to make a full price purchase while it was on their mind.”

John Kirsch, President and CEO at Bearpaw


"We were very impressed with how fast the Klarna team worked from start to launch. Supportive, responsive, and agile, they enabled us to go from discussion to full-scale multi-channel launch in less than 2 months."

Kendy Lau, Senior Manager at Sephora US


"We see Klarna In-app as a clear differentiator... especially for mobile- first Millennials and Gen Z customers."

Mikael Strand, Pay later Services Architect at H&M


"We were taking orders faster than we could fulfill them. We were taking so many sales."

Andrei Miclei, Creative Director


"It’s an actual partnership. Klarna is not just a payment provider."

Nick Bradley, Founder

Lily Jade

"It’s valuable, and people absolutely use it. They’re very vocal. There was certainly a lift in sales once we announced the Installments option, certainly a lift in utilization, and people seem to be really happy with that option. So I think it really goes a long way for customer satisfaction in general."

Landon Wood, Lily Jade, Co-founder


"Klarna is more than a payment method tool, but a great marketing partner that acknowledges the importance of public relations and social marketing which is at the core of our business model."

Sooyoung Chung, Storets, Marketing Lead

Gravity blankets

"Klarna’s Pay in 4 installments option was a key contributor to our 2018 holiday success and a great new addition to our core consumer value proposition. We look forward to continuing our ecommerce partnership to further growth and deliver a payment experience as smooth as a good night’s sleep."

Mike Grillo, Gravity Blankets, CEO

Rancourt & Co.

"The uplift we’ve seen from Klarna is incredible. They allow shoppers to feel in control of their purchasing, without paying the full price up front. Smashing this barrier has undoubtedly helped to boost our buyers’ confidence, leading to greater sales."

Kyle Rancourt, Rancourt & Co, VP Brand management


"We launched ‘The Turn’ around the start of the golf season. In the weeks that followed, it was clear that we were already surpassing all sales expectations."

John Gonsalves, Taylormade, Vice president


"Our overall Klarna integration and deployment experience was definitely five star. It was pretty easy technically and the Klarna support was amazing!"

Kyle Doerksen, Onewheel Founder and CEO

Zenpro Audio

"Orders paid for with Klarna are over 100% higher in value versus orders paid by credit card or other payment methods, so we double the order size. It has put us on a competing level with enormous big-box sellers who offer instant credit."

Warren Dent, Zenpro Audio, Founder


"Being able to ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ at the click of a button empowers our customers to shop however and whenever they want. Revolutionising our approach to purchasing and paying will help us boost conversion rates and ensure our customers remain our brands’ biggest fans."

Richard Burchill, Arcadia, Head of Card Services

Ready, steady, smoooth