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We’ve got your back!

Enjoy extra peace of mind when you shop with Klarna. - We ensure that your financial information is safe & secure, and we monitor all Klarna transactions 24/7.

Pause your payment

Didn’t get an order or received a defective item? We pause your payments if something goes wrong and help you with your case.

Return support in the Klarna App

When you return an item, we pause your payment for 21 days if you report a return to Klarna, providing valid tracking information. These 21 days are to ensure there is enough time for the store to process your return.


At Klarna, we have strong security controls in place to protect our customers and prevent unauthorized purchases. If you believe you are a victim of fraud, please follow the guidelines in our Fraud Liability Protection.

If you paid with Klarna online but you have not received your goods, or what you received is not what you ordered (significant deviation), you may be eligible for a refund for your order under Klarna’s Buyers Protection Policy if you have exercised all your abilities to recover from the store (don’t worry, we will help you). Be aware that potential return shipping costs are not covered by the Buyers Protection Policy.

Based on the eligibility requirements and any information provided to Klarna, Klarna determines, in its reasonable discretion, whether your claim is eligible for the Buyers Protection Policy.

Klarna’s Buyers Protection Policy may apply when you encounter any of these specific problems with a transaction:

“Goods Not Received” claim:

You did not receive your order or parts of it.

“Significant Deviation” claim:

You received an item, but it significantly deviates from the description.


Klarna’s Buyers Protection promises to pause your payment for 21 days if you report a return. These 21 days are to ensure there is enough time for the store to process your return. Please follow Klarna’s

in order to receive support and get your payment paused.

Eligibility Requirements for Klarna’s Buyers Protection Policy:

  • You used a Klarna payment method when making an online purchase.

  • Your Klarna account is in good standing. For example: All your transactions have been paid on time (this determination is made at Klarna’s reasonable discretion).

  • It does not appear to Klarna that you are using the Buyer Protection Policy inappropriately or in a fraudulent manner, which is determined in Klarna’s reasonable discretion.

  • You contacted the store first to resolve the issue directly before involving Klarna. You need to be able to provide the proof of contact, should we ask for it.

  • You provided all relevant and requested information to support your claim to Klarna.

  • You raised your claim within the timeframes specified below, counting days from the invoice date:

    ‘Goods not received’ – 120 days from purchase
    ‘Significant Deviation’ – 60 days from purchase

  • You are not raising a claim for the same order more than twice

Klarna’s Buyers Protection Policy does not cover the following:

  • Payments that have not been made via your Klarna account

  • Your transactions have been made in-store

  • You already raised the claim for your transaction paid via card with the card issuer

  • You and the store agreed to an alternative resolution. For example: Store credits or a replacement

  • Any purchases of services or event purchases, such as concert tickets, plane tickets, accommodations, or other services such as beauty treatments

  • Any goods equivalent to cash — including gift cards, vouchers, donations, purchases of a financial product and/or service, or investments of any kind

  • You bought real estate or paid your utility bill or rent

  • Payments made in respect of gold (whether in physical form or exchange-traded form), in respect of bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies

  • Payments related to gambling and/or gaming

  • Any payments that violate Klarna’s ethical obligations or guidelines.


Your claims MAY QUALIFY for Klarna’s Buyers Protection Policy if:

  • The item is significantly different from the store’s description of it. For example: The t-shirt is red instead of green. You ordered pants in Small and received it in Large.

  • You received a completely different item. For example: You ordered a t-shirt but got a jacket. You ordered a phone but got the wrong version of it. You ordered apples but got bananas.

  • The condition of the item was misrepresented. For example: You received a sweater described as new but has clear signs of usage (e.g. stains).

  • The item was advertised as authentic but is not authentic (counterfeit). For example: You ordered a branded shirt and got a counterfeit.

  • The item is missing parts or features. For example: You bought a table and one leg is missing.

  • The item was damaged during shipment. For example: You bought 4 glasses but 2 arrive broken.

  • The item is unusable in its received state and was not disclosed as such. For example: You bought a phone that does not turn on.

  • You did not receive your order. For example: Your package did not arrive.

  • You did not receive parts of your order. For example: You ordered 3 items but only received 2.

Klarna’s discretion
Klarna determines, in its reasonable discretion, if your claim is eligible for the Buyers Protection Policy.


Your claims DO NOT QUALIFY for a refund under Klarna’s Buyers Protection Policy under any of the following conditions:

  • The defect in the purchased goods was correctly described by the seller in its description of the item. For example: The phone you bought has a broken screen which was highlighted in the store’s description.

  • Your ordered food does not match your personal expectations but does match common requirements. For example: The ice cream is not as creamy as you expected it to be. The burger does not look exactly like the advertised picture.

  • You ordered the wrong color or material for a ‘made-to-order’ item

  • A product you purchased does not meet your expectations regarding quality or performance, but otherwise matches the store’s description. For example: You bought a TV, but the image quality is not as high as you expected it. It does however match the store’s description.

  • The product has minor scratches and was described as “used.” For example: You purchased a ‘used’ table that has some scratches.

  • You buy in-store and take the goods with you

  • You made your purchase online, but picked up the goods in-store

  • The store provided valid proof of delivery to the correct shipping location.

You have to ensure that it’s possible to deliver the goods to you. If your purchase could not be delivered, you’re not entitled to a refund. If you don’t pick up your delivery from the agreed pick-up location or don’t accept the delivery, after receiving a notification, you might be liable to pay a fee as set out in the store’ terms & conditions.


How to raise a claim under Klarna’s Buyers Protection Policy

Please follow the below instructions in order to receive support under Klarna’s Buyers Protection Policy.

Note: If you are waiting for your goods, make sure that you waited long enough to receive your package. Please allow for the goods to be delivered in accordance with the information that the store gives you. Also, note — depending on the store, you may have to pay a return fee if you don’t pick up the goods.

Contact the store to solve the problem

Contact the store you’ve made the purchase from, and ask for help in solving the problem. Only the store can help you find missing goods or solve issues with damaged goods.

Report the problem to Klarna

If you and the store could not resolve the problem on your own yet, you can report a problem to Klarna. Therefore, log in to the Klarna app or the web portal and locate the purchase you’d like to dispute. Select ‘Report a problem’ from the options provided.

Escalation of the claim

You and the store have still not been able to resolve the issue? Don’t worry — if it takes too long to find a solution, Klarna will work with you to seek a resolution. Therefore, please save any relevant documentation regarding your claim, such as tracking information showing that your purchase was never delivered, pictures illustrating that goods purchased were damaged when received, and copies of your communications with the store showing that the store was unable to resolve the issue. You may also contact the store to request additional documentation.

Klarna will review your dispute

After reviewing your purchase and any documentation provided by you and/or the store, Klarna will make a decision on the dispute, that is, whether Klarna will refund your payment/remove your payment obligation or not.

Klarna’s Buyer Protection Policy: Once you’ve reported a problem following the guide above, Klarna will pause your payment until the issue is solved. If you’ve fully or partially paid for a purchase upfront, we’ll refund your payment if the dispute is resolved in your favor. In the event of any refunds, we’ll return the funds to the same method of payment you used to make your payment.

Klarna’s Buyer Protection Policy is here to assure you that you can shop safely and securely with Klarna.

Please note that in the event that you have rights that fall under mandatory consumer protection legislation — and those go beyond what’s covered by Buyer Protection — those rights are not affected by this policy. If you use a card to make a Klarna purchase, this policy does not limit any rights you may have under applicable law or network rules to dispute a transaction with your card’s issuer.

Please further note that Klarna’s Buyer Protection does not affect the legal and contractual rights between you and the seller and is to be considered separately from them. Klarna does not act as an agent of the buyer (you) or seller. Klarna only decides on the claim under Klarna’s Buyer Protection. This also means that the seller can still take legal action against you even if you have been successful with your Buyer Protection claim and have been refunded by Klarna. Likewise, you can still take legal action against the seller if you have not been successful with your Buyer Protection claim and have not been refunded by Klarna.

This policy is in effect for eligible Klarna purchases made after 05.08.2023.


Our customer service team is here for you. Sign in to get help.

If you’re unhappy with the resolution, you can still contact the seller and, if necessary, take legal action. In this respect, Klarna’s Buyer Protection only offers an additional possibility for dispute resolution to help you to get a refund for your order in case of a justified Buyer Protection claim.

If you paid for your Klarna purchase using a credit or debit card — and you wish to raise a dispute regarding your purchase — you can choose to either submit a claim with (i) Klarna under Klarna’s Buyer Protection Policy (ii) dispute the charge with the bank that issued your card.

If you submit a dispute with us and also dispute the charge with your issuing bank, we’ll have to cancel your dispute if we receive a chargeback or another form of payment reversal.

If you believe you are a victim of fraud, please follow the guidelines of our 


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