What is the order’s expiration date and how can I extend it?

It’s the date an order expires. The order expiration date is shown on the order page, next to the creation date. You can extend the expiration date as long as the order hasn’t already expired. There’s also the Expires soon tab under Orders to make it easy for you to track all uncaptured orders.

The expiry date exists to protect your customer, making sure that orders are not left unhandled. If the order expires, your customer will receive a refund, and any existing debt will be released.

To extend the order´s expiration date, go to Orders in the Merchant portal. Select the order you want to extend by checking the box next to the Klarna order reference. Click on the `Extend expiry date´ button, and confirm your request.

Good to know: you can extend the order for 6 months. After this period, you’ll need to recreate a new order.

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