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Does Klarna perform a credit check?

As a responsible lender, we want to be sure that we help our clients make decisions that are appropriate to their circumstances.

When a creditworthiness test is performed, we verify your identity based on the information you provide. We then review information from your creditworthiness report to better understand your financial behavior and assess your creditworthiness.

Will using Klarna affect my credit score?

These credit checks can affect your credit score. Depending on the payment method or service you choose, we may or may not seek to monitor your financial behavior. Below is an overview of the extent of credit verification we perform for our payment options and services:

We will not perform a credit check on you when:

  • Signing up to use Klarna.
  • Downloading the Klarna app.

We will perform a credit check when:

  • You are purchasing with ‘3 interest-free payments’ for the first time.
  • You are making a new purchase if your account has been inactive for more than 90 days.

A positive repayment record with Klarna will help ensure your ability to check out with Klarna in the future. Of course, if you are late with your payments or fail to pay, this could have a negative impact on your credit score and prevent you from using your Klarna account again.

These checks are performed per Klarna’s Terms & Conditions.

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