Chief Executive Officer.

Klarna’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Group’s activities in accordance with the external and internal frameworks. The CEO reports to the Board and submits at each board meeting a report on the performance of the business in relation to decisions made by the Board, among other things. The Board has adopted an instruction for the CEO’s work and duties which also regulates the division of responsibilities and the interaction between the CEO and the Board.

The CEO appoints the heads of divisions (CXOs) and the heads of the control functions. The appointment and replacement of the Chief Risk Officer and the Chief Compliance Officer is also approved and decided on by the Board.

The CEO is Sebastian Siemiatkowski. His CV is found here.


CXO Team

The CEO works together with the CXOs in Klarna’s Group Management Team. The CXOs discuss matters of common concern to several divisions, strategic issues, business plans, financial forecasts and reports.

The CXOs usually meets weekly or when the CEO convenes a meeting.


The CXO Team consists of:

Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO

Knut Frängsmyr, deputy CEO

David Fock, Chief Product Officer

Koen Köppen, Chief Technical Officer

Niclas Neglén, Chief Finance Officer

David Sandström, Chief Marketing Officer

Luke Griffiths, Chief Commercial Officer

Linda S Höglund, Chief Operating Officer

Camilla Giesecke, Chief Expansion Officer


Management Committees

The CEO has, besides the CXO Team, five separate committees at his disposal for the purpose of managing the operations:

Executive Credit and Fraud Committee, which is responsible for reviewing credit risk results and trends as well as steering the company’s overall generation of credit risk.

Capital & Liquidity Committee, which is responsible for assessment and decision within the internal capital assessment process.

Business Continuity Management Committee/Crisis Management Team, which is responsible for planning and management of significant deviating events in the business and to ensure business continuity in the event of a crisis.

Insider Committee, which is responsible for providing the CEO with support on issues concerning Klarna’s day-to-day handling of Inside Information.

Audit Compliance and Operational Risk Committee, should serve as an internal gatekeeper for all Audit, Compliance and Operational Risk related matters.