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Man standing against a blue and pink wall
Man standing against a blue and pink wall

Conscious Brands

At Klarna, we believe that conscious shopping should be effortless, helping you make better shopping choices. 

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Conscious shopping made easy

You don’t have to be an expert to be a more conscious shopper. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Our aim is to provide transparency and help you make more informed shopping decisions by recognising and promoting brands’ efforts towards sustainability.

We work with sustainability expert companies that provide trusted sustainability ratings and assessments of brands.

We regularly assess our list of brands, and update brand ratings when our partners notify us, to ensure we have the most current information available.

Klarna highlights brands that make an effort towards sustainability and that have been recognized by 3rd party sustainability expert companies, and brands that offer circular services:


Good on You

Have a 4 (Good) or 5 (Great) rating by Good on You.


Clarity AI

Have strong environmental efforts in place, recognized by Clarity AI.



Provide services contributing to circular economy.

Good On You

Good on You

Good On You’s ratings empower consumers to understand fashion brands’ impact on people, the planet, and animals. Good On You examines over 500 data points across more than 60 material issues to determine a brand’s rating from 1 "We Avoid" to 5 "Great". Read more about the methodology

All of the brands showcased by Klarna have received a brand level rating of “Good” (4) or “Great” (5) rating by Good On You. Visit the

Brand Ratings to find out more about their mission to make insights about sustainable fashion more accessible to consumers so that they can make more informed purchasing decisions.


Clarity AI

Clarity AI is an independent sustainability technology platform that uses machine learning and big data to deliver environmental insights. They provide badges to recognize the performance of brands in specific sustainability topics. 

Clarity AI focuses on brands that can be mapped to publicly-traded companies, as they have the highest requirements for disclosure and auditing for all relevant metrics (climate and non-climate related, such as revenue). To measure companies’ performance Clarity AI created 5 climate-related badges:

  • Lower direct greenhouse gas emissions

  • Committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • Lower indirect greenhouse gas emissions

  • Disclosing greenhouse gas emissions

  • Using renewable energy


to learn more about the methodology.



Join us in supporting the circular economy by discovering brands that are taking lead towards a circular future.

With Klarna, you’ve got options. To contribute to the circular economy and reduce waste we highlight brands that offer circular products and services throughout the shopping journey and make it convenient for you to maximize the use of products.

Discover brands that offer one or more of the following products and services contributing to circularity:  

  • Discover brands and retailers that offer pre-owned products 

  • Access care and repair services from brands and retailers and increase the lifespan of your products 

  • Discover restored old tech products brought back to life 

  • Find brands that offer take back services to make it easy for you to donate or recycle unwanted products

Sustainability at Klarna

Are you curious to learn about Klarna’s sustainability efforts?