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Conscious Brands.

Shop brands that have been rated 4 (Good) or 5 (Great) by Good on You. At Klarna, we believe that conscious shopping should be effortless, helping you make better shopping choices. We have partnered with Good On You, fashion’s most trusted sustainability ratings platform, to help you find more conscious fashion brands.

Conscious shopping made easy.

You don’t have to be an expert to be a more conscious shopper. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Our aim is to provide transparency and help you make more informed shopping decisions by recognising and promoting brands’ efforts towards sustainability.

Do you want to support more conscious brands but don’t know where to start? We got you. Wherever you are on your journey to sustainable living, our goal is to provide you with greater transparency about conscious brands and actionable insights to help you make informed shopping decisions.

We’ve started curating content on Klarna to recognize and promote brands’ efforts towards sustainability. One way of doing that is by showcasing Conscious Brand Collections.

We've partnered with fashion’s #1 sustainability ratings platform.

Good On You’s ratings empower consumers to understand fashion brands’ impact on people, the planet, and animals.

Good On You examines over 500 data points across more than 60 material issues to determine a brand’s rating from 1 "We Avoid" - 5 "Great".

All of the brands showcased by Klarna have received a brand level rating of “Good” (4) or “Great” (5) rating by Good On You.

Visit Good On You to find out more about their mission to make insights about sustainable fashion more accessible to consumers so that they can make more informed purchasing decisions.

Good On You scores brands based on:

The brand’s own external reporting.

(Information from a brand’s and their parent company’s publications including websites, annual reporting, and sustainability reporting).

Independent certifications and other standards-based systems.

(like Fair Trade, the Global Organic Textile Standard and Cradle to Cradle).

Third-party reports and indices.

(e.g. the Fashion Transparency Index and CDP Climate Change and Water Security projects).

Please note that we try to have up-to-date ratings from within the last few years and we will update brand ratings when they are updated by Good On You. 

Read more about Good On You’s brand rating methods here.

Sustainability at Klarna.

Are you curious to learn about Klarna’s sustainability efforts?