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Klarna in Society.
Klarna in Society.

Klarna in Society.

At Klarna, our mission is to accelerate commerce and make it easier and safer for people to shop and pay for their purchases. With our focus on customer obsession and commitment to transparency and accountability at the heart of everything we do, we are proud to be a trusted partner to 150 million consumers and 500,000 retailers across 45 markets.

Our amazing talented people and innovative technologies enable us to deliver this mission and we believe that we are making a positive impact on society and helping to drive the global economy forward.

1. Who is Klarna.


1.1 The payments network of the future.

Klarna is a global leading payments network and shopping destination that accelerates commerce by offering fairer, more sustainable, innovative solutions. We are committed to providing a seamless and secure shopping experience that help our customers:

  • Save time

  • Save money

  • Worry less

1.2 We’re a fast-growing consumer ecosystem.


global active consumers


global retail partners across 15+ verticals

SEK 0.8tn

total volume 2022 with 22% year on year growth


employees with 100+ nationalities across 46 offices


consumer transactions every day


total app downloads and 26m monthly active users

SEK 8.5bn

gross margin in mature markets in 2022, with 14 out of 17 years being profitable


connected banks, across 27 countries through our open banking platform

Partnered with the biggest brands.

Macy's logo
Ebay logo
Saks logo
Sephora logo

Trusted by the best consumers.

Trusted by the best consumers

Supported by leading investors.

wellcome trust
Everyone is using Klarna.

1.3 Everyone is using Klarna.

People across the world are using Klarna for their everyday spending — both online and in-store, across all types of verticals and industries.

There is no typical Klarna consumer.


of the total adult population in our most mature markets are Klarna users


is the average outstanding balance per consumer vs $6,000 for credit card users


of consumers pay off their balance with Klarna

1.4 Klarna customers are:

Balanced in gender representation.
In all stages of life.
Of all educational backgrounds.
Living in all areas.

1.5 Klarna is much more than just BNPL.

We are a regulated bank and have offered flexible payment options since 2017.

We are a regulated bank and have offered flexible payment options since 2017.

People choose Klarna for multiple reasons

People choose Klarna for multiple reasons.

1.6 Our customers have one thing in common – a deep distrust of traditional banks.

When asked “is Klarna a better option than a credit card?“, here’s what Klarna consumers said:

Resulting in high customer engagement levels compared to the industry.

 95% Believe Klarna is a better option than a credit card.


Believe Klarna is a better option than a credit card.

93% Are active after 12 months.


Are active after 12 months.

1.7 And it is not just Klarna customers who resent old banks.


Global trust level in the financial services industry — bottom of all in 2021


Of US consumers aged 18-34 would prefer fintechs over legacy banks


Of people don't entirely trust their banks to handle their data responsibly

1.8 This is driving Klarna’s fast growth compared to legacy financial firms.

Year-on-year growth full year 2020 to full year 2021.

2. We’re on a mission to accelerate commerce.

Banks’ original purpose was to promote trade

2.1 Banks’ original purpose was to promote trade.

By facilitating the exchange of goods, early banks played a pivotal role in helping markets become more efficient.

2.2 However, the industry has lost touch with its original purpose.

News snippet

Evidence shows that banks have had the wrong priorities.

News snippet

Often at the expense of customers’ well-being.

2.3 Contributing to the widening wealth gap in society.

Incumbent banks and credit cards have paved the way for the greatest redistribution of wealth, where low-income households and the unbanked pay more but don’t benefit.

35 people pay $21

Lowest income households paying more to subsidize costs and fund credit card rewards.

1 person receives $750

Credit card benefits paid out to high-net-worth household in cash back and reward points.

3. Making markets smooth.

Klarna is taking on the trillion-dollar retail banking industry to return to the original purpose that the traditional players have stepped away from - to promote and accelerate commerce while putting consumers at the heart of what we do. With our suite of innovative products and services, we solve real problems for consumers and retailers and continue to ensure markets remain efficient while our customers remain satisfied. Not too bad for an old invoice company from Sweden. We empower our customers through solutions that offer:

3.1 Flexibility and choice.

Pay now

Pay now.

One-click payment, fast and secure.

Pay in 30

Pay in 30.

Interest-free, try before you buy.

3 or 4 payments

3 or 4 payments.

Interest-free, bi-weekly or monthly.

Fair Financing

Fair financing.

Interest free and interest bearing.

3.2 Credit at the lowest possible cost.


Without Klarna.

Predatory credit terms incentivized for profitability at the expense of consumers’ well-being.

  • 29.9% point of sale APR

  • Average outstanding balance of $6,000

  • $5.50 — society pays to credit card providers for every $100 spent


With Klarna.

We offer healthier payment options with full transparency and choice — no dirty tricks.

  • 0% APR on BNPL products

  • Average outstanding balance of $100

  • Up to 60% lower costs society pays to Klarna for every $100 spent

3.3 Dynamic underwriting for sustainable lending.


Without Klarna.

One-off underwriting when consumers sign up, optimized by banks for their own profit.

  • Single underwriting decision doesn’t account for changing financial circumstances

  • Sky-high credit limits for new customers to drive unhealthy consumption

  • Automatic credit limit increases to promote usage

  • Encourages minimum repayments and allows cash withdrawals and balance transfers

  • Poor customer insights from legacy systems that rely on out-of-date data


With Klarna.

Dynamic underwriting optimized for sustainable lending that puts the consumer first.

  • At every purchase: A new real-time underwriting decision for every transaction

  • Small limits on 1st buy: New consumers start with small credit limits

  • Gradual credit limit increases: subject to repayment history, with account frozen if payments are missed

  • Fixed dates/amounts: Credit for specific purchases with clear repayment terms, fixed and short-term. Consumers can’t borrow in cash

  • In real-time: Combines credit bureau and internal insights with open banking data to build a real-time view of a consumer’s financial position

Through our dynamic and more effective underwriting, we’re able to pass on savings to both retailers and consumers by providing credit at the lowest possible cost.


repayment rate globally


lower consumer and fraud losses than credit cards in mature markets

3.4 Simplifying consumers’ everyday lives.

Without Klarna.

A different app for each task.


With Klarna.

With all tasks in one place, we’re reducing clutter for consumers.

3.5 A seamless user journey at no added costs to retailers.

Without Klarna.

A fragmented user journey when searching for card statements that charges retailers for customers they already have.

  • Retailers spend on average $0.2 per click on branded search ads

With Klarna.

Statements with SKU-level data allow consumers to engage with their favorite brands again and again, at no added cost to the retailer.

  • Est $10m in annual savings in retailer ad spend

3.6 We’re the network of choice.

And we will continue to deliver better consumer and retail partner outcomes, to build preference and power our long-term growth.

We’re the network of choice.
We’re the network of choice.

For consumers.


more app downloads than our closest competitor


retention rate compared to industry standards


of consumers are active after 12 months, versus 55% of credit cards

And retailers.


growth in number of retail partners since 2018


of the US top 100 retailers choose us as their partner


leads sent to retailers in 2022

4. Expanding into commerce solutions.

4.1 We know what consumers value.


Without Klarna.

  • Irrelevant ads that make no sense

  • An experience/product that causes worry and stress

  • Impersonal treatment with no concern for your well being


With Klarna.

  • Truly relevant and interesting ads

  • A tailored experience that suits you

  • The same familiarity of your favorite local restaurant or corner shop


4.2 A great matchmaker that builds long-lasting relationships.

We have a deep understanding of the digitally transforming market, its players and their needs, and can turn that into great offers and services with our state-of-the-art technology.

  • Masterful matchmaking for better retention

  • Building valuable, long-term relationships between consumers and retailers

  • Assisting brands and products to better understand their customers

  • Delivering superior pre- and post-purchase experiences across channels

  • Supporting local businesses to become global

  • Allowing consumers to own their data and maximize its value across the ecosystem


4.3 Which is why Klarna is much more than just BNPL payments.

Supported by strategic investments to broaden our offering.


PriceRunner is a price comparison platform for e-commerce, offering to help consumers find better products at better prices by comparing with many merchants.


Stocard is a mobile wallet designed to increase shopper loyalty through tailored offers.


Piggy powers Klarna’s desktop extension which provides Klarna payment methods at desktop checkout and automatically adds coupons and cash back.


Hero is a virtual shopping platform for eCommerce, offering live streaming solutions for online merchants and in-store personnel to assist and convert online shoppers.


APPRL allows content creators and retailers to work together frictionlessly to design immersive and informative shoppable content.


Inspirock is a travel planning website with a unique interface that enables travelers to plan their entire itinerary from transportation to activities. 

5. We’re not the next Big Tech.

5.1 Big Tech has exploited its power similarly to banks.

Big Tech has exploited its power similarly to banks

They misuse consumer data, exploiting and locking them in.

79% of frequent internet users agree that companies don’t allow them to control their own information.

They extort fees from retailers who have no choice but to buy their service

They extort fees from retailers who have no choice but to buy their service.

14% higher Google Shopping prices than other comparison services.

The result? Trust is undermined.


of US consumers don’t trust Big Tech. Source: PR Newswire


of small business owners say large corporations, such as Amazon and Google, have a negative impact on their growth opportunities. Source: Lendio

5.2 We know trust is built on honesty.

We are huge in Sweden where we are now part of people's everyday lives, but our journey there has taught us much.

Just another digital payments solution

We started off by following a simple recipe: Make online shopping easier and safer; Drive online sales; Replicate old banks’ lucrative business models.

Becoming the change we wanted to see

We realized the industry’s practices were not aligned with customers’ best interests, so: Our first approach was to be honest about it. Our second approach was to transform the industry.

Competition pushed us to be better, faster

The road was challenging and change was slow - there was nothing driving us forward! It wasn’t until some worthy opponents appeared that we were able to pick up the pace and transform our entire business.

We have learned from past mistakes and those learnings are now embedded in Klarna’s very DNA!

Customers always come first

If it’s good for your customer, it’s good for you.

If you’re big, you have to be nice

As you benefit from economies of scale and better margins, give that back to consumers with lower prices.

Promote and embrace competition

Both within and without, it will make you better, stronger, and more focused!

5.3 Finally, unlike ‘Big Tech’, we promote and reward data mobility.


Without Klarna.

Big techs gate-keep data under the pretense of protecting privacy. They then monetise this data, growing their profits at the expense of society.


With Klarna.

We give consumers ways to securely share their data with partners, helping them understand what they are doing and that the whole ecosystem shares the rewards.

6. Driving better outcomes for consumers.


6.1 Access is key.

We firmly believe in consumer choice — the more options for consumers the better as studies suggest that limiting choice by restricting access can have dangerous implications and put consumers in harm’s way.

Well-functioning, competitive markets are the strongest force to grow societal value and bolster consumers’ access to healthier providers, by pushing industry players to improve their standards and the quality of their offering.


6.2 Regulation should set the guardrails.

Not all providers are created equal so we need regulation — specifically outcomes-based regulation, which drives innovation and empowers consumers to safely access new products and services while protecting them from harmful industry practices and bad actors.

But balance is crucial as too much regulation has often led to unintended consequences that ultimately end up harming consumers.

6.3 Regulation for society.

Mobility and choice

Consumers should be able to shift to better-value providers with the click of a button, forcing providers to increase the quality and value of their services and protecting privacy.


Prescriptive regulation has failed to provide real customer value, occasionally having the opposite effect. Setting ambitious outcome KPIs and letting providers innovate to meet these targets will keep consumers safe while fostering healthy competition.

Proportionate approach to risk

Regulation should be proportionate to consumer risk — a product with high fees and interest should have stricter requirements, making it harder for consumers to access and forcing providers to prioritize the long-term safety and well-being of consumers.

Klarna has an increasingly profound impact on the world, and we constantly reflect on our responsibility and purpose to society, with our mission to accelerate commerce as our Northstar. By challenging the industries we operate in, with a singular focus on serving our customer's best interests, we will continue to deliver real value to society. This is who we are. This is why we are.

All financials as of June 2022 unless otherwise stated.

Last updated: 23-01-2023.