Mar 19, 2020

A note to the Klarna community.

These are challenging and worrying times for us all. I want to reassure you all that the welfare of our employees, consumers, retailers and all those we work with around the globe is our top priority. We, like you, are closely monitoring developments so we can take the necessary steps to ensure we are doing the right thing as a business and for society. Our employees across the globe are adapting amazingly to this new reality and continue to serve you our consumers and retailers in the best way possible. I am very proud of them.

The world is changing in front of our eyes. We must stand together, stay connected and support each other. If you’re a consumer, a retailer or a partner and you want to speak to us about anything, please reach out to us on the channel you normally use. We are here to talk. We’re dedicated to openness and transparency with our community. Communication and understanding are crucial and we need this now more than ever.

Take care and be safe.

Sebastian, Founder & CEO Klarna


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