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Andrew Reed appointed to Klarna Holding AB and Klarna Bank AB Boards

April 5, 2024




Stockholm, Sweden - 5 April 2024 Klarna, the AI powered global payments network and shopping assistant, confirms Andrew Reed has joined the boards of Klarna Holding AB and its subsidiary, Klarna Bank AB. Sir Michael Moritz, who led Sequoia's original investment in Klarna in 2010, remains an independent board member as well as Chairman. 

“I believe Andrew to be a perfect fit for Klarna and am excited to work with him going forward. I appreciate the long-standing support and partnership with Sequoia and Michael, especially as we accelerate our exciting journey towards IPO in the era of generative AI. Now it’s full focus ahead, things could not be more exciting.” said Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO and co-founder of Klarna. 

Andrew is a Partner at Sequoia. He works with companies including Bolt, Eleven Labs, Figma, Medallion, Productboard, Snapdocs, Sourcegraph, Strava, Tourlane, Vanta, Warp, and Zapier. Andrew was previously involved with Sequoia's investments in GitHub (Microsoft), Loom (Atlassian), and Robinhood.

"Klarna has built a thriving global business and I look forward to supporting Sebastian and the Klarna team on their path to IPO and beyond." said Andrew Reed, Partner at Sequoia. 

Andrew was appointed by the general meetings of Klarna Holding AB and Klarna Bank AB on 12 March 2024.