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Early redemption of subordinated Tier 2 notes

May 24, 2021




Klarna Bank AB (publ) – Early redemption of subordinated Tier 2 notes

Stockholm, Sweden - May 24, 2021 Klarna Bank AB (publ) (the “Issuer”) informs that it intends to voluntarily redeem the SEK 300,000,000 floating rate subordinated callable Tier 2 notes with ISIN SE0008435036 (the “Notes”) on the first call date in accordance with the terms and conditions dated 20 June 2016. All outstanding Notes will be redeemed in full at their nominal amount, together with accrued but unpaid interest. The redemption date is expected to be 21 June 2021.

A notice of early redemption will today be circulated to the holders of the Notes and will be published on the website of the Issuer. The notice will be irrevocable.

Agent: Intertrust (Sweden) AB, Kristofer Nivenius,  trustee@intertrustgroup.com, +46(0)706881910

For further information, please contact Klarna at:Aoife Houlihan, VP of Communications

Phone: +46 (0) 72855 8047

Email: aoife.houlihan@klarna.com / press@klarna.com