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Introducing Klarna Spotlight: a collection of product innovations for a new era of shopping

October 19, 2022




Thumbnail Spotlight
  • A rich and unbiased search tool comparing prices across thousands of retailers to find the best price for your product, and enabling shoppers to filter by color, size, ratings and more. 
  • Dynamic, curated shoppable video content in the Klarna App allowing consumers to discover, find inspiration, and shop items directly.
  • A platform connecting creators and retailers to automate activities at scale, from initial outreach, to partnerships, to tracking sales and commissions.
  • Tools to support our planet’s health, including a Donations feature for consumers to donate to vetted, high-impact non-profit organizations, and an upgraded CO2e tracker offering deeper insights into the emissions set free from purchases.

New York, October 19th, 2022 - Klarna, the global leader in the generational shift away from credit cards, today unveiled Klarna Spotlight, a new launch format revealing a number of product releases which further strengthen the company’s position as a true shopping utility for consumers and growth partner for retailers. 

Klarna’s flexible payment options enable consumers to pay immediately, pay later, or pay over time, saving them time and money, and being informed and in control of their finances. With these latest product innovations, the Klarna App further evolves beyond payments to become a starting point for every purchase for over 150 million global consumers, whether they already know what they want or are looking for inspiration, all while prioritizing environmental impact. 

Klarna’s new intelligent search tool finds the best price for their product, so consumers can spend less time searching and more time saving. On top of that, a new endless stream of thumb-stopping, shoppable video content in the Klarna App lets consumers watch and shop the latest trending items directly from the video. Combined with the new Creator Platform, a portal that seamlessly connects creators and retailers to scale and optimize campaigns, Klarna continues to open up new channels and revenue streams that drive measurable growth for its 450,000 retail partners worldwide. 

A better, smarter way to search 

According to Klarna’s 2022 Holiday Report, when asked which of the following shopping services customers plan to use for their holiday shopping this year, 42% said price comparison tools. Introducing an entirely new way to search, Klarna compares thousands of websites to help consumers find the best price for any product and lists the results in an orderly overview, saving them the time and frustration they experience when sifting through millions of disorganized results at conventional search engines. 

With an unbiased search tool found in the Klarna App and on Klarna.com, Klarna will show consumers both new and pre-loved options, with the ability to filter their search across stores by color, size, features, customer ratings, store availability and shipping options. Consumers can also see the price range to decide whether it's a good time to buy. 

Furthermore, the intelligence of Klarna’s search function is packed into a new panel in Klarna's in-app browser. Whenever shoppers are browsing a product page, the panel shows consumers everything they need to know to make a confident decision. For example, the panel will show whether other retailers are offering a better price, faster and cheaper delivery options or different sizes and colors. At check-out, the panel will also automatically look for and apply available coupons to ensure consumers get the best deal possible. With over 23 million monthly active users on the Klarna App, the search and compare tool becomes a key acquisition channel for merchants, boosting their visibility, traffic, and sales with a captive audience. 

Watch and shop through shoppable video

Klarna’s shoppable video brings an endless stream of rich, relevant and immersive content into the Klarna App to help consumers discover and find inspiration.  Found in the app under the Watch and shop widget, consumers can now watch the latest unboxings, tutorials and reviews from thousands of videos made by trusted brands and creators. Any item they like can then be shopped directly from the video. 

According to industry trends, 82% of consumers have heightened expectations on brand interactions as a result of social media, with 65% of Gen-Z responding in Klarna’s Holiday Report that they prefer video content over static content when shopping online. With Klarna’s shoppable video, retailers can share existing social content and campaigns that tell their story, create shoppable content exclusively for Klarna that inspires and converts, and partner with Klarna to be featured in curated content and campaigns

Retailers already using Klarna’s shoppable video platform, such as e.l.f. Cosmetics and Keys Soulcare, are pleased to see click-through rates higher on average than other social media channels, and for brands such as Haus Labs By Lady Gaga, see average CTR up to 3x higher.

A platform for creators 

Shoppable video would not exist without the talented creators to make the content. Creators are now at the heart of online shopping, helping consumers to discover brands and products in more authentic ways than ever before. But it can be challenging for creators to make a living and stand out in a crowded market, and for retailers to source the right creators and measure engagement with their target audience. Klarna’s new Creator Platform provides a one-stop shop for retailers and creators to work together to automate everything from initial outreach, to partnerships, to tracking sales and commissions. 

With this platform, creators can directly access the world’s leading retailers to recommend hundreds of thousands of products to their social media followers, as well as to millions of shoppers in the Klarna App. Retailers on the platform can connect with a pool of over 500,000 creators and track their performance in real time, empowering them to optimize and scale their activities while maximizing sales & ROI.

Donations and an upgraded CO2e Tracker

In Klarna’s Holiday Report, 59% of respondents say they seek out brands that have a charitable or give-back mission and 55% say they always opt for more sustainable and eco-friendly gift wrapping options. Just in time for peak holiday season, Klarna’s upgraded CO2e tracker gives Klarna’s 150 million global consumers even deeper insights into the environmental impact of their purchases, displaying the emissions set free for over 50 million items in every step of the product’s lifecycle–from the sourcing of raw materials to its recycling. The upgraded CO2e tracker brings one of the largest awareness-raising efforts on carbon footprints ever to life.

On top of that, Klarna is expanding its Give One initiative with our new Donations feature in the Klarna App, enabling consumers to donate to vetted, high-impact organizations that protect planet health. Consumers can also track the aggregate volume of donations made and learn more about the non-profits they supported, making their collective impact tangible. Since the start of the Give One initiative, Klarna’s community has helped plant two million trees in the Andes and protect 10.000 ha of wetlands in Rwanda.

Lady Gaga, Founder of Haus Labs By Lady Gaga: 

“Our mission at Haus Labs is to deliver supercharged, clean artistry makeup, powered by innovation. Haus Labs is excited to launch shoppable video content in the Klarna App, empowering our community of artists and creators to express themselves through high-performance makeup and their unique artistry, while engaging with millions of fans around the world.”

Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Co-founder and CEO of Klarna:

“Consumers have extremely high expectations around how they shop and pay. Whether they prefer to pay immediately, pay later, or pay over time, Klarna enables 150 million people around the world to buy with more confidence, while saving them time and money along the way. 

But payments only solve one part of the puzzle. The new products revealed today mark a major milestone in Klarna’s evolution to becoming a place where consumers and retailers can now search, discover, and create. From inspiring product discovery all the way to delivery tracking, digital receipts and seamless returns - we are powering e-commerce and accelerating trade across the world.”

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