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24 Jan 2023

Klarna reveals the household goods bucking inflation and falling in price

Household goods, sports equipment, and luxury items have all fallen sharply in price over the past year.

With inflation hitting 11% this month, this encouraging new data has indicated that shoppers will still be able to find good deals and fair prices for household products and leisure items, keeping homes in order and families entertained and active this winter.

For those looking to upgrade their home appliances, washing machines are now 25% cheaper and tumble dryers are now 60% cheaper than they were a year ago. The price of pressure washers and power washers has also fallen by 26%. 

Meanwhile, for those looking to keep active, sports equipment has also become cheaper, with bikes 23% less expensive than they were a year ago and fitness machines costing 25% less. 

People looking to invest in more luxury household items will be pleased to hear that these have dropped in price, with the cost of saunas and turntables falling by 26% and 52%, respectively. 

Similarly, vehicle stereos have seen a price drop of 63% over the last 12 months. 

Klarna’s own data from Q4 2022 suggests the price reductions are influencing consumer behaviour, with a huge 719% spike in the number of washing machines sold via Klarna, as well as a rise in the sale of scanners and cricket equipment.

To analyse Brits’ shopping behaviour, Klarna used data from PriceRunner, the UK’s largest comparison service with 2.6 million products from 6,100 retailers in 21 different countries, who all deliver to the UK. PriceRunner was acquired by Klarna last year.

Evelina Gali, Consumer Expert at PriceRunner added: 

“Households have endured rising prices from almost every front this past year as the cost-of-living crisis truly begins to bite. At a time when essential and luxury goods have never been more expensive, it is encouraging to see some become more affordable and accessible just as they are needed most.”

Note to editors: 

Product category Sub-category Jan 2022 price (£) Jan 2023 price (£) Price change over one year
Boat- & Car Audio Boat- & Car Stereos 209 78 -63%
Home Appliances Tumble Dryers 449 179 -60%
Home Sewing Machines 312 149 -52%
Home Audio Turntables 223 107 -52%
Home Appliances White Goods Accessories 51 30 -41%
Building Materials Windows 491 309 -37%
Ball Sports Cricket 46 31 -33%
Projectors & Accessories Projectors 941 655 -30%
Garden & Patio Greenhouses 260 182 -30%
Fridges & Freezers Wine Coolers 949 676 -29%
Bathroom & Sauna Saunas 474 341 -28%
Musical Instruments Instrument Amplifiers 365 267 -27%
Sound & Vision Amplifiers & Receivers 435 322 -26%
Garden & Patio Pressure Washers & Power Washers 136 101 -26%
Home Appliances Washing Machines 467 349 -25%
Peripherals Scanners 452 338 -25%
Sports & Outdoor Fitness Machines 565 423 -25%
Cycling Bikes 1269 972 -23%