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Klarna Spotlight, Spring ‘23: New AI-powered, personalized shopping feed and innovations for consumers and retailers

April 25, 2023




Spotlight PR Hero BG US
  • The Klarna app launches a personalized shopping feed and new design to combine the smartest shopping and financial management tools, all in one place.
  • Ask Klarna – a personal shopping assistant to connect consumers with real experts for product advice via the Klarna app. 
  • Resell functionality to sell pre-loved items through secondhand marketplaces, with the help of prefilled listings.  
  • Growth tools for retailers and creators, including Creator Shops that give creators their own customized storefronts, and Ads Manager – a self-service advertising platform for retailers to better engage with Klarna’s high-intent shopper audience. 

New York, April 25, 2023 - Klarna, a leading global retail bank, payments and shopping service is today showcasing a suite of new innovations cementing the company as a global shopping destination for 150 million consumers and growth engine to its 500,000 retailers for its Spotlight Spring product launch. This includes a new personalized shopping feed in the Klarna app and smart shopping features to help consumers find the perfect items, and resell items too. Plus new tools for retailers and creators to help them engage with their audiences in more effective ways. Together, these new products continue to shape the future of shopping, making it more personal, convenient and enjoyable. 

A new AI-powered shopping feed 

The Klarna app's new discovery shopping feed, powered by Klarna’s in-house developed AI product recommendation engine, gives consumers a feed of highly personalized product recommendations to help them find and shop items most relevant to them. The feed updates in real time with a range of products and deals and becomes increasingly tailored, as it learns more about the user’s preferences. This compliments Klarna’s recently launched search and compare tool that lets consumers find the right product at the best price, further evolving the app to become a starting point for every purchase. 

In addition to its own AI initiatives, Klarna has recently worked with OpenAI to bring curated product recommendations to users who ask ChatGPT for shopping advice and inspiration, via its plugin. Klarna was the only European fintech company to partner with ChatGPT to use its protocol to build an integrated plugin and utilize the power of AI to create a superior, rich experience for consumers to answer their shopping needs. 

Further, the Klarna app has been redesigned to make shopping and managing finances easier than ever. Divided into five intuitive tabs: Shop, Purchases, In-Store, Budget and You, it now streamlines and combines the most intelligent tools, so consumers can easily discover new items and find what they love at the best price, while keeping an overview of their spending at their fingertips, as well as having access to delivery tracking tools, digital receipts and seamless returns, all in one place. 

Ask Klarna, a personal shopper in every pocket

According to a recent Klarna survey, 85% of US consumers would like a service where they can speak with product experts to get more information about items when shopping online. Enter Ask Klarna. 

Ask Klarna is a free personal shopper service that provides consumers with on-demand access to shopping experts, via chat or video call in the Klarna app and on Klarna.com. Klarna’s team of shopping experts will help consumers find the perfect product across thousands of brands, stores and products in the luxury sector, and soon expand to more verticals. With this feature, Klarna sets a new standard for online shopping, empowering consumers to make informed purchases with advice from trusted experts, all from the comfort of their sofa. 

Creating a smoooth resell experience 

The trend of buying and selling secondhand is growing as consumers seek eco-friendly options and budget-friendly solutions. According to a recent Klarna survey, over one-third of consumers are more likely to resell an item now compared to one year ago. 

The new resell feature in the Klarna app speeds up the process of creating listings on secondhand marketplaces by pre-filling product details and images. To resell a past Klarna purchase, consumers can simply tap on the ‘Resell’ button next to an item from their order history to be automatically taken to a participating re-commerce platform. This reduces the time and energy needed to list items for sale, so consumers do good by their wallets and the environment. 

Today the feature is available in Sweden, together with Tradera, the largest resell platform in the Nordic region, and is set to go live with more partners across the world soon. 

Ads Manager: a powerful new way to reach the world’s best shoppers 

As Klarna continues to provide a superior experience for consumers across the shopping journey, it simultaneously creates more opportunities for retailers to connect with this high-intent shopper audience. Adding to its already wide range of marketing and ad solutions, Klarna introduces Ads Manager, a self-service platform for retailers.

Ads Manager harnesses Klarna’s first-party data so retailers can reach the right shopper at the right time, while ensuring consumers enjoy a more relevant shopping experience. The platform offers brands an easier and more efficient way to advertise, from ad creation and audience targeting, to in-platform reporting for campaign optimization. 

Marketing revenue was up 131% in 2022 with more retailers choosing to partner with Klarna for these services. With this new addition the company is well-poised to be a major player in the retail media network space. Thanks to its unique position at the intersection of shoppers and retailers, Klarna creates a powerful value exchange that drives results for retailers while continually enhancing the consumer experience. 

Creator Shops: a new must-visit shopping destination 

While a growing number of consumers are using social media as their primary source of shopping inspiration, finding products is challenging. Content is dispersed across channels and the journey from browsing to buying is unpredictable. Meanwhile, creators are flooded with questions “Where is that from?” and “Where did you buy that?” 

With Creator Shops, Klarna gives its growing creator network the ability to launch their own storefronts on Klarna.com and the tools to power a consistent shopping experience. Using Klarna’s recently launched Creator Platform, creators can recommend products from thousands of brands, share shoppable video and photo content, and share their personal shop across their social channels. This allows shoppers to easily find and shop all their favorite creators’ product recommendations in one place. Further, by being able to include links to every item, creators can increase their ability to earn revenue from a single post on any social media platform, by enabling their followers to click through to their shop and buy. Soon, creators will be able to share this content to millions of shoppers in the Klarna app for extended reach. 

Lydia Tomlinson, Content Creator: 

“The Klarna Creator Platform has opened up a new world of opportunities when it comes to affiliate content. The transparency between what I link and what the brand can see has helped me establish new relationships with brands that I have loved and shopped at for years. With my new Creator Shop I have the perfect place to showcase everything I’m wearing, using and loving. Now my followers can easily find and shop my latest looks all in one place, saving them the hassle of wondering where to buy.” 

Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Co-founder and CEO of Klarna:

Over the last 18 years, we’ve transformed into a global shopping destination with smart tools for consumers around the world. 

Our new AI-powered discovery shopping feed is the next evolution of the Klarna app becoming the starting point for every purchase. This builds on a ton of initiatives we’re working on in the AI space, to provide a greater level of personalization to consumers that was once thought impossible. 

The new tools we’re launching today will create richer, more enjoyable experiences for everyone along the shopping journey and create tremendous opportunities for retailers to grow their business.” 

To learn more about these new products, please click here.
To download the press kit, please click here

Notes to editors 

Klarna’s latest products are available in select regions. As part of a phased launch strategy, products will expand to new regions throughout the year. 

  • In the US, the redesigned Klarna app is available now and the discovery shopping feed will roll out to all users during May, Ask Klarna and Ads Manager are available now. Resell and Creator Shops will launch soon.    
  • In the UK, the redesigned Klarna app with discovery shopping feed, and Creator Shops are available now. Ask Klarna, Resell and Ads Manager will launch later this year.
  • In Sweden, the redesigned Klarna app with discovery shopping feed and Creator Shops are available now, along withesell which launched earlier this year. Ads Manager will launch later this year. 
  • In Germany, the redesigned Klarna app and Creator Shops are available now. The discovery shopping feed, Resell, Ask Klarna and Ads Manager will launch later this year. 

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