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Klarna unveils global Flexible Work Policy, meeting strong demand for hybrid work

May 11, 2022




FWP blog

With new model, employees can now choose to: 

  • Work remotely within the country of their employment, and in Canada and US within their state or province.
  • Work from the office, with opportunities to create more impactful in-person connections and team collaboration. 

Stockholm, May 11, 2022 - Klarna, a leading global retail bank, payments and shopping service that helps consumers save time and money, be informed and in control, today announced its new Flexible Work Policy designed to offer employees greater choice, autonomy, and flexibility in how and where they choose to work. Learnings of the past two years have proven that significant growth and success can be achieved when employees can work remotely and in-person, with the ability to choose the combination that is most productive for them. Klarna’s new hybrid work model aims to provide employees with flexibility, resources and facilities optimized to support how and where they want to work, in order to meet individual needs and maximize productivity.

The policy gives employees the option to work remotely within their country of employment –or state/province in the US and Canada– as well as from the office if they choose. Additionally, employees can now work abroad for up to 20 days per year at Klarna offices outside of their employment country, promoting global team building, personal development and professional career growth opportunities. Finally, to ensure employees are properly equipped for this new way of working, Klarna is also providing each employee with an annual payment contribution and equipment which can be used to improve personal home office space or upgrade work accessories.

With a continued commitment in bringing together and nurturing teams, the new model will facilitate monthly in-office gatherings in order to tackle aspects of work where in-person interaction remains valuable; whether that be for creative problem solving, brainstorming sessions, or fostering meaningful professional relationships. As ways of working change, Klarna will continue to invest in offices around the world to best serve and evolve with their employees. 

“If you love what you do, you should love where you do it,” said Linda Höglund, Chief Operating Officer, Klarna. “At Klarna, we appreciate that everyone has their own preferences of where and how to work. We are excited to combine the power of face-to-face interactions with effective remote work to create a hybrid model that empowers employees and encourages company-wide collaboration.” 

Klarna’s approach to work has evolved over the last two years, from having teams sit in close physical proximity to one another, to thriving in a remote work environment, and now having over 7,000 employees representing 100 nationalities work successfully together across 20 markets. 

Klarna’s unique operating model is made up of hundreds of small teams that operate like independent startups, aligned on achieving its overarching vision and mission. Teams are made up of people from different competences and skill sets that solve for unique problem spaces, and are optimized for speed, flow, and quality to set them up for the ultimate success. Klarna’s Flexible Work Policy is designed to maximize this model by enabling more efficient ways of working for employees, taking into account new preferences and individual differences and further enabling agility, fast growth, and expansion into new areas. 

Klarna has achieved record level merchandise volumes of USD 80 billion driven by growth in all global markets, serving 147 million global active consumers, and partnered with 400,000 global retailers, extending Klarna’s reach to 45 countries. The company's product and service offerings also continue to strengthen, with the success of the Klarna App which has over 22 million monthly active users globally, along with the recent launches of new consumer products including "Pay Now,” a new browser extension, sustainable collections, and the Klarna Card.

About Klarna
Since 2005 Klarna has been on a mission to revolutionize the retail banking industry.  Over 400,000 global retail partners, including H&M, Saks, Sephora, Macys, IKEA, Expedia Group, and Nike have integrated Klarna's innovative technology to deliver a seamless shopping experience online and in-store. With over 5,000 employees, Klarna is active in 45 markets and is one of the most highly-valued private fintechs globally, with a valuation of $45.6 billion. For more information, visit Klarna.com


Media contact:
Shira Rimini