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Klarna’s annual trend report reveals ‘Fandom Fashion’ as a key shopping theme for 2023 as consumers celebrated the year of Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Barbie, among others

November 30, 2023




Checkout2023 KeyVisual 1920x1080

Under the 2023 overarching theme, ‘Life Maximized’, Klarna also identified ‘Interior Expressionism’ and ‘Host With the Most’ as key trends for US consumers this year

New York, November 30th, 2023 - Today, Klarna, the AI powered payments network and shopping assistant, released its second annual trend report, ‘The Checkout’, which provides a review of consumer trends over the past year. Based on products U.S. shoppers checked out of their shopping carts in 2023, the report identified ‘Fandom Fashion’ as one of the top themes of the year, driven by the year’s most dominant pop culture moments including Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour and the Barbie movie.

Tied to ‘Fandom Fashion’ Klarna identified a +915% increase in purchases of friendship bracelet kits in September 2023 compared to the start of the year, a direct tie to the bracelet-trading trend at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. Through Klarna, consumers also contributed to a +1153% increase in purchases of rhinestone cowboy hats (Aug 2023) due to styles at Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour; a +98% increase in fringe dresses (June 2023) much like Taylor Swift’s ‘Fearless era’ outfits from her tour; a +208% increase in pink luggage (July 2023) after the Beis x Barbie collaboration launch; a +99% increase in pink nail polish (Sept 2023) purchases tied to the Barbie movie, and more.

“Fashion and beauty have always played a central role in live music performances simply because it adds an extra dimension to the music. With out-of-this-world tour wardrobes, custom-made looks that have taken thousands of hours to create, by brands that fans dream of wearing, it’s no surprise that the artists’ stage styles get headlines,” said Klarna’s Fashion Director, Emilia de Poret. “This summer’s blockbuster tours are all examples of how artists set the trends for their millions of fans. Pop culture moments that will make fashion history.”

Under the theme of ‘Life Maximized’, Klarna identified two other distinct U.S. trends, ‘Interior Expressionism’ and ‘Host With the Most’, a reflection of how U.S. consumers are maximizing their home spaces and hosting their friends and family all year long. As they add vibrancy to their indoor spaces with more color and unique pieces, U.S. shoppers contributed to a +186% increase in purchases of wavy 70s-inspired mirrors (Sept 2023) and a +516% increase in purchases of geometric candles (Sept 2023). Other items including checkered blankets, striped rugs and decorative pillows have also seen noticeable purchase increases throughout the year.

The final theme in Klarna’s report, ‘Host With the Most’, captures the growing interest in at-home hosting. The trend was reflected by an increase in purchases of home products including mini projectors (+77% in July 2023) for elevated movie nights; countertop ice makers (+313% in Sept 2023) for restaurant-quality cocktails; and vintage bar carts (+181% in Sept 2023) to add flare to your living room.

‘Life Maximized’ is Klarna’s second annual end-of-year trend report, highlighting the year's most unique and culture-driven trends. 2022’s theme was ‘Nostalgia,’ featuring trends including ‘Regencycore,’ ‘Y2K,’ ‘Vintage Tech’ and more.

The Checkout is available to read online here

Media Assets are available here.

Here are the top lists of trending items in the U.S. in specific months in 2023 (compared to January 2023):

Top 9 - Fandom Fashion

  1. Rhinestone Cowboy Hat (+1153% in Aug 2023)
  2. Friendship Bracelet Kit (+915% in Sept 2023)
  3. Silver Boots (+313% in Sept 2023)
  4. Sparky Fishnet Tights (+224% in Sept 2023)
  5. Pink Luggage (+208% in July 2023) 
  6. Tennis Skirts (+206% in July 2023)
  7. Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow (+108% in Sept 2023)
  8. Pink Nail Polish (+99% in Sept 2023)
  9. Fringe Dress (+98% in June 2023)

Top 6 - Interior Expressionism

  1. Geometric Candle (+516% in Sept 2023)
  2. Decorative Pillow (+222% in Sept 2023)
  3. Wavy 70s-Inspired Mirror (+186% in Sept 2023)
  4. Fairy Lights (+99% in Sept 2023)
  5. Checkered Blanket (+96% in Sept 2023)
  6. Striped Rug (+57% in July 2023)

Top 8 - Host With the Most

  1. Countertop Ice Maker (+313% in Sept 2023)
  2. Smart Frame TV (+231% in Sept 2023)
  3. Vintage Bar Carts (+181% in Sept 2023)
  4. Glass Straws (+148% in Sept 2023)
  5. Bottle Opener (+93% in April 2023)
  6. Mini Projector (+77% in July 2023)
  7. Mini Fridge (+60% in Aug 2023)
  8. Essential Oil Diffuser (+47% in Sept 2023)

Here are the global top lists of trending items in specific months in 2023 (compared to January 2023): 

Top 7 - Fandom Fashion

  1. Rhinestone Cowboy Hat (+1601% in Aug 2023)
  2. Pink Luggage (+254% in Aug 2023)
  3. Beaded Jewelry (+157% in Aug 2023)
  4. Tennis Skirt (+152% in June 2023)
  5. Pink Nail Polish (+146% in Set 2023)
  6. Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow (+82% in May 2023)
  7. Friendship Bracelets (+52% in Sept 2023)

Top 5 - Interior Expressionism

  1. Wavy 70s-Inspired Mirror (+614% in Aug 2023)
  2. Decorative Pillow (+413% in Sept 2023)
  3. Geometric-Shaped Candle (+274% in Sept 2023)
  4. Checkered Blanket (+202% in Sept 2023)
  5. Striped Rug (+90% in June 2023)

Top 5 - Host With The Most

  1. Ice Bucket (+175% in March 2023)
  2. Glass Straws (+107% in Aug 2023)
  3. Essential Oil Diffuser (+93% in Sept 2023)
  4. Bottle Opener (+89% in May 2023)
  5. Mini Projector (+84% in Sept 2023)



Klarna's Shopping Index is calculated based on the number of items sold relative to total items sold and reflects the true trends regardless of sales growth in the category. The information is from online purchases with Klarna in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Spain, France, Italy, and Poland January 2023 to September 2023.

For more information, contact:
Kimberly Gibbs Kirschner


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