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SE: Klarna and Tradera (eBay Sweden) launch marketplace solution for consumer-to-consumer payments

February 6, 2015




Klarna launches its payment solution for trade between individuals on the Tradera marketplace (eBay Sweden). Consumer-to-consumer sales account for 80 percent of the marketplace’s annual turnover of 1.6 billion SEK. Earlier this year, Klarna successfully launched the solution for commercial sellers on Tradera.

“Tradera is the largest Nordic online marketplace visited by more than 1.3 million consumers monthly. We extend the life of clothing, shoes and gadgets – for the benefit of buyers, sellers and the environment. As the first online marketplace in the world, we now give individuals payment tools solutions that were only accessible to e-commerce professionals – making it safer and simpler to shop,” says Stefan Öberg, CEO Tradera.

With the Tradera announcement, Klarna enters a new segment and will look to revolutionize payments between consumer buyers and sellers in the same way as it has done for e-commerce over the past ten years. This is the first time a payment solution allows individuals to trade on the same secure terms as commercial sellers. It is also a great opportunity for Klarna since Tradera’s annual turnover amounts to approximately 1.6 billion SEK per year.

Consumer-to-consumer transactions can seem insecure and cumbersome. Trust and communication issues can surround payments. Additionally, buyers may be concerned that the item they purchased does not match the description by the seller. Both of these problems are alleviated with the introduction of Klarna’s marketplace solution on Tradera. Sellers are guaranteed payment into their bank account, and in 90 percent of cases, the seller gets paid the day after the buyer completes the checkout. For buyers, Klarna’s solution allows them to get the goods before they pay. With Klarna, buyers can pay using invoice or installment plans, credit cards and internet bank transfer.

“We want to make it simple and safe to shop. We have done this for e-retailers for nearly ten years and now we are doing the same for individuals in the marketplace,” says Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO Klarna.

Klarna was founded in Stockholm in 2005 with the idea of simplifying buying. We do this by letting the consumer receive the goods first and pay afterwards, while we assume the credit and fraud risks for the merchants. Today, Klarna is one of Europe’s fastest growing companies.

In 2014 we joined forces with SOFORT and formed Klarna Group, the leading European payment provider. Klarna Group has more than 1200 employees and is active on 18 markets. We serve 35 million consumers and work with 50 000 merchants. Our goal is to become the world’s favorite way to buy.

Tradera is one of Sweden’s most visited online market places with more than 4 million unique visitors a month. With a wide variety of both new and used items, ranging from children’s clothing to home furnishings and consumer electronics, Tradera has approximately 1.4 million products are for sale. Since 2006 Tradera is owned by eBay.