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Untrend report
The Untrend Report

The Untrend Report

This Earth Week, dive into trend-resistant items that don’t go out of style—loved by shoppers like you.

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Timeless is on-trend

Klarna’s AI-powered report reveals some of your all-time favorite buys, which are trend-immune and truly timeless.

Explore our curated list of ‘untrendy’ things with long-lasting appeal—classics that are universally loved by shoppers and can easily find a new home, even if they’re pre-loved. Read our Untrend Report to learn to make more conscious choices, and shop smarter with Klarna.

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Where is our data coming from?

For the report, we used AI to sift through the top 10,000 best-sellers at Klarna across all shopping categories globally. We then identified the top products that have been consistently popular over time, finding good buys that remain timeless, and helping you discover items that withstand changing trends. 

To understand the environmental impact of the brands recommended in the report, we utilized data from our partners Good On You and Clarity AI

The top untrendy items*


Yeti Rambler Tumbler


Veja Campo sneakers

Candle holder

Iittala Kastehelmi Tealight Holder

from Nordic Nest


Sony noise canceling headphones


Levi’s Original Trucker Jacket


Iittala Essence Wine Glass

from Nordic Nest


Northlight solar basket lantern


Asket classic t-shirt

*The Untrend report consists of some of the items bought by Klarna customers consistently over the last 4-5 years, from brands rated 4 or 5 (Good or Great) in the Planet category by our partner Good On You or with either one environmental badge from our partner Clarity AI. Klarna extracted the 10,000 most sold line items in each merchant category and used AI to sub-categorize line items into more detailed product subcategories to identify the most popular ones. Then the criteria explained above was applied, to create the final list. The list is not endorsed or reviewed by any of the brands featured on the list. Klarna makes no warranty or guarantee of any kind as to the quality or durability of any of the listed products on behalf of Klarna or any manufacturer or seller. Klarna may be affiliated with the listed products or brands and may receive a commission.

Consumer insights

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Buy it once, buy it right

Our recent Circularity Report has also recognized a shift in how we shop—from fashion to tech. People are increasingly swapping fast buys for lasting loves, keeping items in use for longer, and choosing quality over quantity. More than 50% of shoppers across all demographics are now less interested in owning the latest gadgets, with 42% showing decreased interest in new product releases compared to last year. 

The report also found that Gen Z in particular are three times more likely to buy second-hand tech than those over 55, signaling a move towards more sustainable habits. And we’re making it easier by boosting the number of circular retailers, conscious brands, shopping categories, and items available.

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Shop smarter within your budget with Klarna’s sustainability tools. Here’s how.

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Shop circular

Explore Klarna’s circular collections, and discover pre-loved items.

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