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Sofort online bank transfer – now in new Klarna design

Pay now with online banking.

Let your customers pay now with the safety and simplicity of online banking.
Trusted by more than 12 million users and available in 13 countries.

Let your customers pay now with the safety and simplicity of online banking.
Trusted by more than 12 million users and available in 13 countries.

Same great payment method in a new smoooth world.

In case you're wondering why you're here, when you were expecting something more orange, something exciting has happened. The payment method "Sofort" has now become a star player for the Klarna team, or to put in another way, Elvis has joined the Beatles.

So what does this mean for you?

If you are already a merchant of Sofort GmbH then it's business as usual and you can log in with the link below.

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If you don't use Sofort or Klarna products today then we welcome you to continue to explore this page for everything you need to know about offering payments with online banking, or explore the rest of the Klarna offering from the following link.

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Why is shopping online with online banking so popular with your customers?

Sofort GmbH lets customers pay now using their own online banking details.

Fast, direct, convenient and secure.

The big advantage is that customers don’t need to register or open an account. Funds are transferred directly from customers’ online bank account to your bank account. Thanks to the real-time transaction confirmation you receive, you can dispatch the goods to your customers immediately.

Pay now is available in 9 European countries.

The smoooth experience.

What happens on your site.

The customer selects Pay now with online banking in the checkout and the relevant order information from your online shop is automatically carried over to the secure Klarna payment form.

What happens at Klarna.

In Klarna’s secure payment form the customer only needs to select their bank and log in using their own credentials, enter the verification code (OTP) sent to their phone and click to confirm the transaction. Online banking login details like PIN and the unique TANs are not stored by Klarna.

What happens at your bank.

Klarna transmits the transfer information to the bank of the customer by means of an encryption that meets banking standards and sends you a confirmation of the transaction with the payment reference, the amount and your project number. The bank remits the money of the purchase to you.

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Let your customers Pay now with online banking.

If you want to offer your customer’s the smooothest way to pay directly after the purchase order has been placed then simply click the button below.


Are you already a merchant of Sofort GmbH?

If you were with us back when we were orange, then don’t worry. We may have rebranded but you are still important to us and it’s business as usual.

You can login to your familiar merchant portal by clicking the button below.

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