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How can I register a new E-Mail address or User in the Sofort Admin?

Why do I need to contact you from a registered E-Mail address?

How do I change the Administrator?

What is an administrator?

Who should I contact if I have questions about PSD2?

How will the 2FA be implemented in banks in the future?

What changes for Sofortüberweisung regarding SCA?

What is SCA?

What is PSD2?

Money Laundering Act / Verification of your company details


What's the relationship between Sofort and Klarna?

When should I select a "Classic" project and when should I select a "Gateway" project?

I received the error message "8001". What does this mean?

Where do I find the modules for my shop system and the related integration manual? How is my shop system supported?

Is it also possible to receive payments in other currencies?

Why do I receive the error "wrong project or customer ID"?

Why do I not get a confirmation after a successful transaction?

Where do I find the API / configuration key?

What are the success, abort, and notification links?

Where do I find my project/notification password?

How do I initiate a (partial) refund?

How can I change my SEPA direct debit mandate?

How can I change my bank account data?

How do I get my invoice?

How can I change the email address registered with Klarna?

Why is direct banking not available for live operation yet?

How do I request a new password?

I can't log in any more, what can I do?

Are there any costs if I run a non-profit business?

What does it costs to offer direct banking as a payment method with Klarna?

What products are offered?

Who, or what, is SOFORT GmbH

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How does Sofort work?

How are Sofort and Klarna related?

What if I want to return my order?

What if I want to cancel an order?

What if I have any questions about the product I ordered?

What if the merchant does not respond to my request?

How secure is Sofort / Pay now?

What makes Klarna different from e-wallets, such as PayPal?

What are the benefits of paying with direct banking?

Does it cost me to use Klarna to pay with direct banking?

Which online banking accounts work with Pay now with direct banking?

Do I have to register with Klarna to pay with direct banking?

Will the purchase amount be directly transferred to the merchant?

Which data does Klarna require to pay with direct banking?

I don't use online banking – can I use Sofort or Pay now anyway?

What if I got my confirmation code too late?

What if I don't complete the process in the payment wizard?

What happens if I enter my login details incorrectly multiple times?

Why can I not complete more than one direct banking transaction?

Do I get a confirmation of my completed Klarna direct banking transaction?

Can I cancel a transfer made by direct banking with Klarna?

How do I get confirmation that my money has been received?

How do I get a refund?

What if I have questions about PSD2?

What is SCA?

What is PSD2?

Are my PIN and TAN stored by Sofort?

Does the merchant have access to my account or sensitive information?

Does Sofort have access to my account or sensitive information?

How do I know I'm using a secure payment form and not a phishing attack?

Is it true that the general terms & conditions of the banks prohibit the disclosure of online banking login details and TANs?

How secure is paying with direct banking?

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