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Sofort is one of the safest online payment systems on the Internet. How so? Because with Sofort, your customers make payments using their own familiar online banking details. In this way, security and privacy are our highest priority.

  • No storage of confidential data (such as PIN and TAN).

Do you have questions regarding the security of Sofort?

Frequently asked questions

How secure is Sofort?

In all financial matters, security must be the top priority. That's why we developed Sofort as one of the safest payment systems available on the Internet – because with Sofort, your customers use the classic online banking procedure of their bank. The confirmation code (TAN) in particular offers excellent protection from misuse since it can be used only time and then immediately becomes invalid. Entry of online banking details, like PIN and TAN, occurs entirely in the secure Sofort GmbH payment form and not on the merchant's website. Transmission of information occurs only via connections secured with up to AES 256Bit. Sofort GmbH itself does not store any sensitive information, such as PIN and TAN, and simply carries out the transaction as a technical service provider. At no time are online banking details, like PIN and TAN, visible to third parties or employees of Sofort GmbH.

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Are chargebacks possible?

Chargebacks are not possible with Sofort. As this is not a direct debit, but a direct, automated transfer. For this reason, default on payments is very rare.

Does Sofort GmbH store the online banking login details of customers such as PIN and the TAN?

Online banking details such as PIN and TAN are not stored and are never visible to third parties or the employees of Sofort GmbH.