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Pay now with online banking.


The smoooth way to shop using your own online banking details.
Direct payments that are simply safe.

The smoooth online shopping experience.

No need to enter any lengthy card numbers, no need to create an account, no need for anyone to store your details.

Just use your own online banking details to make a purchase. With an immediate transaction confirmation your order will be processed immediately.

Convenient and secure. Click. Done.

Choose Pay now with online banking.

Select your country and with the help of the bank’s sort code, choose the bank that will carry out the transfer.

Login and confirm purchase

Now you’re in the login section of the secure payment form. Log in with your own online banking login details. The information will be sent to your bank in an encrypted form. You will be asked for a confirmation code. Each confirmation code can be used only once and for your security cannot be entered a second time.

You're done!

You will now receive a summary of your Pay now transaction or an order confirmation from the online shop. This gives you all information about your purchase in one place.

See for yourself.

Don’t just take our word for it, give the smoooth online banking payment experience a try, with no obligation to buy, with our live demo.

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The entirely safe way to shop online.

Everything about paying with online banking is designed with your safety in mind.

Using your own secure online banking details means there is no need to share any personal information or card details with the merchant. The entry of your online banking details occurs entirely in the secure payment form of Sofort GmbH, where the merchant has no access. There is no need to store any sensitive details (such as confidential login details and confirmation code) and they are never visible to the merchant or any other third party, including Klarna as well as employees of Sofort GmbH.


I was looking for Sofort, why did I come to this page on Klarna.com?

In 2014 Sofort was acquired by Klarna and the Klarna Group was established. Following a major re-branding initiative in August 2017, the Sofort payment method become visually integrated under the Klarna product range. The name “SOFORT Überweisung” changed to “Sofort” with local translations for each country respectively (e.g. "Pay now" in English). Sofort GmbH based in Munich, Germany, was founded in 2005 initially under the name Payment Network, and offers products and services for the secure purchase of physical and digital goods on the Internet. This includes among other things the payment method called Sofort.

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Who, or what, is Sofort GmbH?

Sofort GmbH is a payment service provider, which in 2014 was acquired by Klarna and the Klarna Group was established. Sofort (also known as Pay now) is a popular service offered by Sofort GmbH which allows you to make a fast and easy payment of your online purchases using your online banking details. The online merchant immediately receives a real-time confirmation of the transfer order and can dispatch the goods promptly or allow the download.

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How secure is Pay now with online banking and how reputable is it?

When it comes to money security counts above all else. That's why we designed Pay now with online banking to be one of the safest online payment systems possible. The online transfer is made using the established online banking login process combined with a confirmation code (TAN) that offers a high degree of protection from misuse as it can be used only once and then immediately becomes invalid. Entering your online banking login details, such as your PIN and the TAN, takes place exclusively in the secure payment form of Sofort GmbH and not on the merchant's website. This ensures that the merchant does not gain access to sensitive information (such as PIN and TAN). The transfer of data occurs only via connections secured with up to AES 256 bits. Sofort GmbH itself does not store any sensitive information (such as PIN and TAN), but carries out the transaction solely as a technical service provider. The sensitive details (such as PIN and TAN) are never visible to third parties, including Klarna or employees of Sofort GmbH.

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Are my sensitive online banking login details such as PIN and TAN stored by Sofort GmbH?

No! PIN and TAN are not stored and are never visible to third parties, including Klarna and employees of Sofort GmbH. This is no false promise, because Sofort GmbH places its our own compliance with data privacy regulations under close scrutiny.

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Does the merchant have access to my account or sensitive information?

Certainly not! At no time does the merchant have access to your sensitive online banking details (such as PIN and TAN), which you enter into the encrypted payment form. Under no circumstances does the merchant have access to your account.

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Does Sofort GmbH have access to my account or sensitive information?

In order to carry out the transaction, Sofort GmbH necessarily requires one-time access to your account. In this respect, Sofort GmbH functions as a technical service provider that transmits to your bank the information you put into the secure payment form via an encrypted connection. The Pay now system is a multi-banking software tool, used to operate your online banking.

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How do I know I'm using a secure payment form and not a phishing attack?

“Phishing” mean attempts by third parties to gain and misappropriate sensitive personal information (e.g. account number, PIN, TAN, credit card number) from recipients of e.g. “phishing emails”. These emails are imitations of those from trustworthy sources and, via a link contained in the email, seek to lead the recipient to a fraudulent website. At such a website (which in turn is also an imitation of the website of a trustworthy company), the victim is asked to provide personal information. With the help of the following characteristics, you can check the authenticity of Pay now: 1) The Internet address (URL) must begin with https://www.sofort.com/ (this means you are using the secure payment form. This url contains "sofort" as this was the original name of the payment method.) 2) By clicking on the security certificate – in green, at the beginning of the URL – you can see that Sofort GmbH (Sofort GmbH is a Klarna Group Company) is the owner of the certificate. The lock symbol confirms that the connection is secure. Data transfers are carried out via secured SSL connections.

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Is it true that the general terms & conditions of the banks prohibit the disclosure of online banking login details and TANs?

The assertion of a breach of the general terms & conditions (prohibition of disclosure of PIN and TAN to third parties) is not correct. The German Federal Cartel Office (Bundeskartellamt) made its position clear in February 2011. It deemed general terms & conditions of German banks, or their interpretation, which prohibits the use of payments with direct banking to violate cartel law and called upon the banks to enable non-discriminatory access for online payment systems that are independent of banks, such as Pay now (known at the time as SOFORT Überweisung). The banks have agreed not to claim publicly that users of payment methods such as Pay now were in breach of the banks' general terms & conditions.

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Are my purchases covered by Klarna's Buyer's Protection?

Yes. Klarna’s Buyer Protection covers all online purchases that you make as a consumer when you use Klarna and it is explicitly mentioned on the merchant’s payment methods selection page in its online shop. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your purchase, Klarna’s Buyer Protection Policy (“Policy”) ensures that you don’t have to pay – or get your money back. The aim of Klarna’s Policy is to let you feel at ease when you shop in one of its partner e-stores. If your goods are not delivered or if there is something wrong with them, Klarna will help you resolve the issue. When you pay with Klarna, you can also trust that Klarna process your personal data at the highest security level (read more in the section “Data Protection”).

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