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AI-driven content to boost retailer campaigns.

31 March 2021 - 3 min read





Klarna has unveiled an expanded suite of marketing products and services designed to provide retailers with even sharper tools to drive consumer demand.

As the growth of e-commerce accelerates, consumers are increasingly looking for inspiration, personalised recommendations, and flexible payment options where they consume content. Klarna’s enhanced range of marketing services can help retailers keep pace and reach the right customers, without the retailer having to resource and create specialised content.

Following the acquisition of San Francisco Area-based Toplooks, Klarna now combines its various tools with a new, AI-powered Dynamic Ads function. The function uses AI to take a product feed from any merchant, recognise products, categorise, classify and then creates bespoke and beautiful images.

The images are made high-impact and instantly shoppable via insertion of relevant messaging and payment options. They are dynamic and refresh every 30 minutes, allowing merchants to display in-stock inventory; update messaging, create, test, analyse, iterate, improve and then amplify at scale across Klarna or other channels. This approach results in dramatic increases in click-through and conversion rates.

In association with this change, Klarna now also offers comparison shopping services (CSS) available through Semtail/Shoptail, also recently acquired by Klarna, that enables merchants to list their Google Product Listings Ads (PLAs) more efficiently.

“The fundamentals of commerce are forever changed as more consumers forgo traditional retail store shopping for omnichannel commerce,” says Klarna CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski. “Now more than ever it’s important for retailers to create fresh, engaging and curated experiences to drive engagement and unlock growth with customers.

“With the introduction of our enhanced marketing services, we can help retailers implement impactful and actionable programs to better connect with consumers across all channels.”

Klarna Australia Marketing Manager Angus Sladden added: “Klarna sits at the intersection of shopping, banking and payments. By taking plain images, bringing them to life and making them instantly shoppable we can assist retailers with higher engagement, higher average order value and lower cost of acquisition.

“Our newly enhanced marketing suite enables retailers and publishers to offer nearly unlimited shoppable content in native formats, on their own digital properties, through the Klarna ecosystem, and across the wider internet, including social channels.”

Klarna’s retail solutions include the ability to promote pay later options throughout a customer’s shopping journey on a retailer’s own website or directly to Klarna’s 90M consumers worldwide via its owned-and-operated network, using sponsored placements, curated Wish Lists , featured articles and dedicated CRM channels.

Several brands have already benefited from using Klarna’s retail media services, including the global footwear brand Clarks. Clarks is using Toplooks’ powerful, patent-pending AI shoppable content engine to deliver customised head-to-toe marketing images across fashion, apparel, beauty, footwear and home décor.

Chris Hardisty, Senior Vice President Ecommerce for Clarks said:
“For almost 200 years, the Clarks family has been making high-quality, stylish, and comfortable footwear across the globe. As that very same world continues to shift to digital communications and online shopping, we are always seeking new and innovative ways to deliver relevant and engaging content to our customers.

“By using AI-powered Dynamic Ads technology, we have been able to achieve highly engaging sponsored ad campaigns on several social media platforms while also delivering significantly improved ROI. These types of results have us excited about our continued partnership and utilization of the Toplooks technology, now that it is a part of core Klarna retailer offerings.”

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