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Welcome to The Extra O.

29 April 2020 - 1 min read


Fran Ereira

Country Head Klarna Australia & NZ


Klarna has always been proud of standing apart from the crowd and being a bit different. Our name, translated from Swedish, means ‘clear’ and that is the objective of ‘The Extra O’ that we are launching today. We want to be simple and transparent in everything we do – because life is already complicated enough.

Klarna is about making shopping as simple, safe and smart as possible. It’s also being crystal clear with you about how our products work, the amazing brands we work with, and our latest news.

The essence of what drives us at Klarna is focusing every day on delivering smoooth (yes, that’s three o’s). That extra ‘O’ is the difference between meeting expectations and exceeding them. We have created ‘The Extra O’ to provide a home for you to meet the team at Klarna, those with the inside scoop at the forefront of our innovations.

Through this blog we’ll take you through the everyday updates, insights and ideas that bring the extra O to your smoooth shopping experience. This will include updates on the ways we’re working to improve your Klarna experience, stories on the things we’re doing to keep you safe in the payments world, insights and trend analysis. We’ll also hear from great and innovative Australian businesses, and provide tips and tricks to stay ahead of the game.

If there are topics you’d like us to cover we’re always open to suggestions, so please send them through to


We are hugely excited about our recent launch in Australia and we are here to make a real difference for Australian businesses and consumers. Thank you for deciding to join us on this journey – I’m looking forward to our ongoing conversation!

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