How can I change my email address?

Depending on why you want to change your email address, we recommend the following:

  • I’ve used the wrong email address
    If you’ve used the wrong email at the checkout your order will be connected to that address. Log in with the email that is connected to your order and pay off your purchase on that account. Klarna is not able to merge accounts, so make sure to use the correct email address in the future.
  • I’ve used a non-existing email address
    If you can’t access the email address (because it doesn’t exist or you have made a typo) that you’ve used, please chat with our Customer Service.
  • I have a new email address
    If you have a new email address (without a Klarna account), the email address on your current orders can be updated, please chat with our Customer Service. Once the email address is changed, you will be able to see your existing orders one by logging into the updated email address.

How can I check which email address I’ve used to place the order?
Check the confirmation email from the store to see what email address you used when placing your order. If you can’t find your order confirmation email, you may have made a typo when entering the email address in the checkout of the store. In this case, chat with our Customer Service for support.

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