Data protection should be smoooth. As you might’ve noticed, we’re not your typical financial services provider. Just like we aim to remove all friction from your payment related matters, we believe your privacy can’t just be an afterthought. The world today is complex and confusing enough. We’re not here to add to that.

Our privacy policy in short.

Making your data work for you.

Great experiences shouldn’t have to come at the expense of your privacy. Your data helps us provide you with an intuitive, quick and automated experience so you can stop worrying about how long it takes to make a payment, and spend more time doing the things you love.

Being open.

We always strive to tell you about our data practices. That’s why this page is aimed at providing you with a useful and digestible overview on our data protection practices, on top of our more extensive privacy policy.

Meeting our responsibilities.

When you’re sharing your data with us, we know you trust us to do what’s right. As a financial institution, we need to comply with a number of data practice rules. We take this extremely seriously and always keep your best interest at heart when complying with these.

Your data. Your rights.

We understand that your data is...well, your data. And when it comes to getting insights on our privacy standards, how we collect, use and store your data, and how you can control each of these steps, we believe it should be as simple as possible.

Offering security and support.

When it comes to trust, we know that giving you our word just isn’t enough. That’s why we continuously work to introduce new ways to keep your data safe via our advanced security system and provide you with adequate support if you have privacy related questions.

We know that your time is valuable which is why we have summarized some of the key themes from our privacy policy in the following section. For more detailed information please read our privacy policy.

Privacy support.

Do you have any privacy related questions or wish to receive more information on your personal data? We’re here to help. Depending on your request there are two ways you can contact us:

For requests relating to
– Requesting a copy of your personal data
– Rectifying your information
– Deleting your personal data and terminating your relationship with Klarna

Please fill out this form and state your request.

For any other requests, for example relating to termination of a specific product or service, you can send us an email at or get virtual support in our 24/7 chat function which you can find in the Klarna app or on our website. If you wish to contact Klarna’s Data Protection Officer, please specify this in the email.