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Why was the first installment of my payment plan higher?

If Pay in 4 equal payments is not available, you may be offered an alternative Pay in 4 payment option with a higher first installment, instead of 4 equal payments.

This can happen because the order amount exceeded your spending limit, however, other credit factors are also assessed.

Good to know:

  • Our Customer Service is not able to increase your spending limit nor has further information about the automated assessment.
  • When selecting Pay in 4 as your payment plan on One-time cards there is a service fee charged together with the first payment.

What’s next?

  • If you would prefer a payment plan of 4 equal payments, always ensure the total order amount is within your spending limit.
  • If the order amount exceeds your spending limit and you are offered an adjusted payment plan with a higher first installment amount – accept the offer in the checkout.

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