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Since going live with the Klarna Shipping Assistant in April 2019, KICKS has seen positive results. Yousef Rouholamin of KICKS confirms “Overall our conversion rate has increased by 12% for new customers. We have also seen a 5% increase in existing customer conversion which is a real bonus. Our KICKS Club loyalty program has over 1.5 million active members, so uplift here can have a significant impact on our sales performance. In addition, in the beauty world, good news spreads fast which means it’s attracting even more customers through referrals.”

Yousef Rouholamin, Developer Lead at KICKS

Using Klarna is a no-brainer. Consumers loved the solution right away and showed it by shopping more. Taking the increased conversion and higher order value into consideration, Klarna’s checkout increased our sales by 40%.

Danny Zhang, Co-founder

We have improved our mobile checkout conversion by 80%, which proves that customers are more than happy to buy with their smartphones, as long as it is simple!

Peter Brühl, Head of commercial and marketing,

When we sought out a new checkout solution, the simplicity of Klarna Checkout proved to be exactly what we needed. With the excellent results we got in Sweden, and the Nordics as a whole, Klarna Checkout was an obvious choice when we launched in the UK. The result wasn’t just higher conversion – especially on mobile devices – but also considerably less administration. That has freed up time for what we love most: talking to our customers and focusing on selling.

Christian Lindberg, Owner,

Being able to ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ at the click of a button empowers our customers to shop however and whenever they want. Revolutionising our approach to purchasing and paying will help us boost conversion rates and ensure our customers remain our brands' biggest fans.

Richard Burchill, Arcadia