What happens when I report a return?

As soon as you’ve reported your return, your payments are paused. This allows time for the return to be registered by the store and your payments to be updated accordingly.

If the store has not registered your return or registered your return incorrectly, please contact them directly, as only they can adjust your remaining amount to be paid. You can find the contact details for the store in the Klarna app as well.

If you cannot find a resolution with the store, you will receive a request from us to provide additional information about your issue. Ensure to keep all relevant documentation until the return is resolved. We can only support you if you provide us with the necessary information upon request.

What happens next?

After reviewing the information provided, we’ll notify you of the decision when the investigation gets closed.

  • If the investigation is closed in your favour, we’ll update your payment plan accordingly. In case you have paid too much, we will refund any overpayments.
  • If we close the investigation in the store’s favour, your original payments will still apply, but the payment schedule will be updated accordingly. This means that any outstanding amounts will be due.

Good to know: The investigation status can be found on the details page of your purchase. After reporting your problem, you can easily update us by logging in if you’ve resolved the issue with the store.

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