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Money management in a new age.

Klarna research shows how millennials across three continents are changing the rules on the way we interact with money.


Of all Millennial respondents see themselves as financially responsible


Of Millennials believe it is important to talk openly about finances


Of Millennials say technology has had an impact on how they manage their finances


Key money management trends of Millennials.

There is no doubt that millennials are facing a different environment to previous ones when it comes to how they manage their finances. This generation, whose oldest representatives are celebrating their 39th birthday this year, have and are experiencing rapid change when it comes to money management.

So what’s the reality for them today in terms of their preferences, habits and attitudes when it comes to managing their finances? We commissioned a survey across 10 countries, including UK, US, Australia, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Spain with a total of 20,000 respondents to share some light on this topic.

Download the report.