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Warum hat Klarna mich doppelt belastet?

You may not receive a double charge, but you may still temporarily see two transactions for the same purchase in your account.

The pending transaction you see is also called a pre-authorization or authorization hold. It is used to ensure that you can pay the first installment of your order that you made with “Pay in 3 interest-free installments”.

The pre-authorized amount will not be deducted from your account, but will simply temporarily reduce your available balance. The amount will be released again as soon as your order has been processed.

The pre-authorization has not yet been released

Several factors affect how long the pre-authorized amount will appear in your account, such as: B. whether you placed the order during or outside business hours, how long the shop takes to process the order and what your bank does.

Things to know: Contact your bank or card issuer directly if the pre-authorization has not been canceled or released after 7 business days.

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