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Supporting planet health initiatives with Klarna Give One.

5 November 2021 - 3 min read





Earlier this year, we launched our initiative

– committing 1% of our funding rounds to planet health initiatives focusing on climate action, biodiversity, and human development. The objective is to look beyond our own operations and drive real change by supporting initiatives tackling the most pressing challenges around climate change and the loss of biodiversity. Milkywire is our main impact partner, and helps us make sure that donations are dedicated to projects working to solve the climate and biodiversity crisis.

All initiatives applying for funding are evaluated against the Give One

, which sets out 5 principles to inform our decision-making. A special committee of experts is helping us choose among the organizations applying to receive Klarna Give One funds. Our strategic partner Milkywire enables donations directly to impactful organizations and creates transparency into how funds are used by enabling us to follow progress in real time through their digital platform.

We’re proud to announce that the first initiative selected to receive the Give One funding is helping reduce the devastating drought in Kenya. As part of the global climate change crisis, two critical consecutive rain seasons have failed in Kenya. Due to the intense drought situation, there is no regeneration of vegetation, water sources have dried up and the death of wildlife and livestock has increased – livestock that communities are completely dependent on for survival.

With Give One we want to make sure that the donations are given to the people that act locally to mitigate the crisis and to causes that create a real impact for our planet. With this disbursement from the 1% pledge we support Ali and his team at the Hirola Conservation Organization who are working tirelessly to alleviate further effects on the animals from the ravaging drought. There are 12 more organizations in the pipeline so watch this space!

Meet Ali.

Ali is an award-winning conservationist working at a landscape level to save the critically endangered hirola antelope and reticulated giraffe from extinction.

Today, there are only about 250 hirola antelopes left in the world. The grasslands where they used to live have been destroyed by invasive trees, damaging the balance of the ecosystem. With Klarna Give One funding Ali will be able to mitigate the consequences of the drought by keeping livestock alive, accessing water and food as well as preventing various opportunistic diseases that emerge with fragile humanitarian situations.

Our goal is to support and bring awareness to Ali’s impact for the next 6 months as we hope that by then, we are able to witness a much needed rain season. We believe everyone has a responsibility to develop a sustainable future that’s why we want to encourage everyone to participate and support Abudllahi Ali and his team at the Hirola Conservation Organization, by taking action and


Curious to know more about Give One and everything we’re doing to support the planet’s health? Check out our


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