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Why did Klarna charge me twice?

You have not been charged twice, but you may temporarily see what appears to be two transactions for the same purchase on your account.

The pending transaction you can see, also called an authorisation hold, is the reservation of funds on your account to ensure you have sufficient funds reserved for the first installment of your Pay in 4 purchase.

The pending hold is not debited from your account but it does temporarily reduce your available balance. The reservation of funds is released as soon as the processing of your order is complete.

The pending hold has not been released

There are several factors that affect how long the hold will appear on your account, such as if you placed the order in or outside of business hours, how long the store takes to process the order and your bank’s process.

Good to know: Contact your bank or card issuer directly if after 7 working days the pending hold has not expired or been released.

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