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It’s time to join our rewards club.

Klarna’s rewards club is now live and is being gradually rolled out. Update to the latest version of the Klarna app (20.42.201) to see if Klarna’s rewards club is available for you.

Join our free rewards club. Sign up in the Klarna app and unlock your first $10 reward after just one purchase.

The perks of joining Klarna's rewards club.

Earn vibes by shopping

Earn vibes

Shop anywhere with Klarna to earn vibes. $1 equals 1 vibe.

Unlock rewards

Unlock rewards

When you've earned enough vibes for a new reward, we'll tell you right away.

Unlock rewards Klarna

First purchase = first reward

After just one purchase you'll unlock a $10 reward at eBay.

Unlock rewards from brands like...

No fees. Just rewards.

Join for free. Don't worry about any hidden fees, just start unlocking rewards.

The extra layer.

As a member, you'll get all our perks plus those from the store you shop at. Double down on loyalty points, discounts and all that good stuff.

In case you’re wondering.

It's time to join the club.