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17. jul. 20201 min lesning

5 pakketips til ferien (EN)

Mari Hole

av Mari Hole

Whether you’re taking a weekend road trip or hopping on your first plane flight in a while, packing smart will ensure that you show up to your destination with everything you need, but not the wrinkles!

Artikkelen er skrevet i samarbeid med Douchebags.


Here are 5 packing tips for wherever the summer takes you.

1. Roll with it.

Think of this like a great hand of poker — never fold. Rolling your clothes is not only a great way to maximize space, but it keeps your items wrinkle free for arrival. Works best with shirts and pants. Shoes? Not so much.

2. Wear it.

Let’s say you’re getting on a plane. Put on that bulky jacket and hiking boots and wear it on board so you don’t need to pack them. Bonus — everyone will know you’re adventurous AF.

3. Pre-pack.

How many times have you missed something — a toothbrush, deodorant, shaving cream — while transferring items from your home bathroom to your toiletry kit? Save yourself the trouble and keep a stocked kit prepared at all times. As they say, you don’t need to get ready when you stay ready.

4. Inception Vibes.

That’s right, a pack within a pack. “Pack bags,” which are just light sacks to keep your items separated in your suitcase or backpack, are a dream for all those OCD travelers out there. Don’t have pack bags? Stuff your socks, underwear and other small items in your shoes.

5. Take less.

You probably don’t need five hats. The hotel will have pillows. You can play your cello when you get home. The old adage of “Pack your suitcase, then take half of it out” is cliche for a reason. Pack light, go far!

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