Our commitment.

Klarna makes shopping smoooth for 90 million consumers and 250,000 retailers worldwide.

We’re committed to driving positive change for people and the planet. We want to become part of the solution when it comes to global challenges such as financial anxiety, inequality, and the deteriorating health of the planet. We are determined to approach the global challenges with a sense of urgency but also with great optimism that we can have a meaningful, positive, and lasting impact.

Guided by the 3 focus areas:

  • Planet Health
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Financial Wellness

Our commitment aims to positively transform both our business and the wider finance and e-commerce industry.

Planet health.

We truly believe that our company growth needs to support the growth of solutions that can address the planetary crisis, specifically climate change and the loss of biodiversity. We need to act now together with other players in the industry to prevent long-term damage to our economies and ways of life. Managing Klarna’s environmental impact is a top priority and we aim to promote environmental awareness and knowledge among our employees, customers, and partners.

Reducing our emissions by 50% by 2030

As part of our climate commitment, our target is to reduce our emissions by 50% by 2030. We hope to achieve this by facilitating supplier reductions, reviewing the carbon intensity of cloud regions when we expand our cloud infrastructure, buying zero-carbon electricity, and reducing business travel and commuting.

Give One – Our planet health initiative

Give One is the starting point of Klarna’s contributions to our planet’s health. With the Give One initiative, we are enabling millions of Klarna users globally to track their carbon footprint, we are making donating easy and transparent for everyone, and we are investing 10 million US dollars directly into high-impact projects that combat climate change and the loss of biodiversity. With Give One we make it easier to act for the planet. Learn more about Give One here.

Diversity & inclusion.

Our mission is to create an inclusive and empowering environment, where all people have equal opportunities to fulfill their potential and be the best and truest version of themselves.

We are committed to being a workplace in which people are treated with dignity and respect, irrespective of their backgrounds.

We truly want to disrupt the biases and social issues that influence not only Klarna but our industry and society at large. Our commitment needs to be accompanied by meaningful action, and we will create transparency about the challenges that lie ahead.

At Klarna, we ensure that everyone is given the same opportunities for professional and personal development. We want to foster an inclusive company culture that welcomes different perspectives to the discussion and that connects people from a wide range of backgrounds.

We firmly believe that being a diverse and inclusive workplace brings value to everyone, from retaining diverse talent who reflect our customers to dialogue with our partners that enable us to learn from each other and constantly improve.

Gender balanced by 2025

We strive for gender equality and will accelerate the careers of women. By 2025, we want to bridge the gap so our company truly reflects the world we live in, by having balanced gender representation. It’s critical that we set a milestone so we don’t rely on the world to change but create the change we want to see. With engineers making up more than 30% of our workforce and men being overrepresented in STEM generally, we know that we’re up against a wider industry issue. In that sense, it’s even more important that we remove any friction from our hiring process, test new ways of sourcing diverse talent, ensure equal promotions, equal pay, and zero tolerance to any form of harassment or discrimination.

Hire fair and inclusively

We provide training to our recruiting teams to ensure inclusive hiring and we have added dedicated recruiters to solely focus on diverse talent.

Strive for gender equality and accelerate the careers of women

We will set up programs to support the development of women in management positions.

Build awareness and uncover biases

We continuously develop guidelines and offer training on more inclusive communication, alongside designing processes and providing training to remove unconscious bias.

Zero-tolerance policy

We have a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination, harassment and bullying and processes to prevent and report incidences.

Financial wellness.

Klarna was created to simplify shopping and provide a transparent, democratic alternative to traditional credit. Our products and services give consumers control of their spending and we take care to make sure they can use them responsibly and repay comfortably.

We constantly encourage consumers to carefully manage their finances, be mindful when they shop and avoid impulse buying. To support them we’ve launched financial wellbeing initiatives across our markets, including a responsible spending hub and Financial 101s.

We’ve introduced numerous initiatives to further enable Financial Wellness. For example, in Sweden, we piloted the ‘Never Forget Test’, a free in-app quiz to help consumers avoid reminder fees. In the UK, our biggest marketing investment of 2020 and 2021 is KlarnaSense – an initiative we developed specifically targeted at supporting responsible spending and reducing impulse shopping.

Our Influencer Council is leading the way with a mission to provide consumers with greater transparency when Financial Services companies use Influencers to promote their brand. New guidelines that go beyond the legal requirement will be launched soon and we’re encouraging the rest of our industry to get involved.

We have been running a number of initiatives to promote financial well-being and this will continue to be an important topic for us going forward.

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