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Klarna and Reddit unveil the most popular ‘Buy It For Life’ items of 2023

April 17, 2023




Press image KlarnaxReddit BIFL2
  • This Earth week, Klarna has partnered with Reddit and the r/BuyItForLife community to launch a list of the most popular durable items to inspire shoppers to buy items that last longer.
  • Shoes from Red Wing, a water bottle from Klean Kanteen and a backpack from JanSport are amongst the most durable items - according to the online community that has over 1.4 million subscribers on Reddit.
  • This initiative follows the roll out of ‘Conscious’ and ‘Shop Circular’ collections in the Klarna app, and the launch of a search and comparison tool and resell feature, all introduced to help consumers shop more consciously with their wallets and the planet in mind.

New york, Apr 17, 2023 –  In time for Earth Week, Klarna, the leading global payments provider and shopping service, has joined forces with Reddit to reveal the most popular durable items of 2023, according to subscribers of the online community r/BuyItForLife (“BIFL”). This BIFL community has gathered over 1.4 million subscribers on Reddit since 2011, and the name refers to a mindset of purchasing high-quality, durable products that will last a long time to help reduce waste. 

“With our growing ecosystem of 150 million global consumers in mind, we're thrilled to team up with Reddit and the BIFL-community to inspire people to buy products that last longer, saving you money and reducing waste. At Klarna, we're here to equip you with the information and tools you need to make conscious shopping decisions,” said Salah Said, Head of Sustainability at Klarna. 

Utilizing ChatGPT and through manual analysis, Klarna has scanned r/BuyItForLife for the most frequently mentioned products in 2022 and filtered the results by positive and neutral sentiment, resulting in The 2023 BIFL List*. The list consists of the products that are most often highlighted as durable and long lasting, regardless of category and includes products such as a water bottle and boots from brands like Klean Kanteen and Red Wing. 

“This list is based on the experience and opinions from the toughest test group out there: the people. We have seen the r/BuyItForLife-community grow and flourish for more than a decade, and are super excited to partner with Klarna to shine a light on the community and share all the great insights gathered by our Reddit users that inspire people to shop more consciously,” said Yvonne Quinn, Head of International Business Marketing at Reddit. 

The BIFL- list of 2023* powered by Klarna and Reddit (no particular order)

  • Office chair “Aeron” (Herman Miller)
  • Clipper (Wahl)
  • Water boiler (Zojirushi)
  • Bag (Filson)
  • Sandals (Birkenstock)
  • Cookware set (Le Creuset) 
  • Tableware (Corelle)
  • Boots (Red Wing)
  • Boots (Dr Martens)
  • Water bottle (Nalgene)
  • Kettle (All-Clad)
  • Backpack (JanSport)
  • Thermos (Stanley)
  • Water bottle (Klean Kanteen)
  • Sandals (Teva)

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important factor among todays’ shoppers. Recent Bain & Company’s insights found that product quality and durability are among the top purchasing factors for shoppers around the world; and according to Klarna’s latest Shopping Pulse, nearly 1 in 4 (23%) global shoppers actively seek out brands that are ethical and sustainable.

As part of Klarna’s commitment to help consumers shop smarter, the ambition is to update the BIFL list on an annual basis. This initiative follows several recent initiatives by Klarna to provide consumers with the tools and insights they need to shop more consciously with both their wallets and the planet in mind. Last year Klarna launched a search and comparison tool to help consumers find the best price among thousands of retailers. Other recently launched features and updates to help consumers shop more consciously include: 

  • Conscious badges in the Klarna App highlighting electronics brands’ environmental achievements.
  • A resell feature, enabling shoppers in Sweden to resell their previous purchases directly through the Klarna App. 
  • Shop circular-collections, spotlighting brands with circular services to reduce waste and maximize the use of products.
  • Conscious brands that promote brands’ environmental and social achievements in the apparel category.
  • Significant upgrades to the CO2e tracker in the Klarna app that now provides shoppers worldwide with emissions data at a product level for more than 70 million items in every step of the product’s lifecycle, bringing to life one of the largest awareness-raising efforts on carbon footprints ever. Over 300,000 consumers, on average, actively track their carbon footprint through Klarna each month. 

In addition to products that give users even deeper insights into the environmental impact of their purchases, Klarna also offers a donations feature to empower consumers to act on this knowledge directly through the Klarna App. The Donations feature is part of Klarna's Give One initiative that aims to make it easier for consumers, retailers, and partners to come together and contribute to solving the planet's health crisis. All these sustainability initiatives are built on Klarna’s belief that conscious shopping should be effortless in order to help consumers make better choices.

Read more about Klarna and Reddit’s Buy It For Life initiative here.

*About the BIFL list

The Buy it for life list by Klarna and Reddit consists of some of the most recommended products by members of the Buy it for life Reddit community during 2022. The list is not endorsed or reviewed by Reddit or any of the brands featured on the list. Klarna makes no warranty or guarantee of any kind as to the quality or durability of any of the listed products on behalf of Klarna, Reddit, or any manufacturer or seller. Klarna may be affiliated with the listed products or brands and may receive a commission.

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