Klarna Future Shopping Lab.

Towards the end of 2020, Klarna launched Klarna Future Shopping Lab, a research project that explores how different aspects of shopping and retail experiences might look in the future.

Klarna Future Shopping Lab explores optimistic and unexpected future shopping experiences. The purpose is to develop future prototypes that can inspire everyone involved in the shopping experience — from retail and city planning to technology and logistics — in accelerating the evolution of shopping.

In our first project, we explored the future of the mailbox – transforming it from a static relic to a modular platform for future e-commerce, deliveries, returns, and shoppable neighbourhoods.

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In the middle of 2020, when UK restrictions due to COVID-19 were relaxed, the music industry was one of the last sectors to reopen due to the leaving many singers and musicians in need of support.

To champion the best of gigging musicians in the country, Klarna invited musicians to take part in the virtual festival. Receiving hundreds of applications, the team selected 20 bands or solo artists to provide the soundtrack to Klarnival across a variety of genres. Broadcast via Instagram and Facebook Live, each musician will produce a 20 min set, for which they are paid and Klarna will make a donation to the ‘Help Musicians’ charity.

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London College of Fashion.

We understand the power of technology in unlocking innovation across every industry. That’s why we’re working with one of the world’s leading fashion tech centres at the LCF to explore new frontiers in fashion, retail and technology.

Not only are we supporting the future stars of the sector. We are also learning from the cutting edge research they are doing. This will help us to stay at the forefront of the future of fashion and retail.

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Creativity at Klarna.

But we’re also passionate about developing creativity within Klarna. We want to inspire our employees to find new ways to solve issues they face on a day-to-day basis, and encourage them to discuss and share ideas across teams.

Our annual internal conference, KonferenSE, is one example of this. Organised for our nearly 500 software engineers from around the world to come together to share their knowledge, its goal is to share knowledge and develop an engineering culture focused on quality and customer experience.
Our people are the ones who enable Klarna to continue to defy the current – so creating an environment where these same people flourish is what we strive to provide.