Klarna’s return instructions.

When returning your order or part of your order, it is important you follow the store's return policy and provide evidence of your return. Here are the steps you should take to ensure a smooth and successful return process:

  1. Follow the store's return policy. Many stores require customers to use the return tracking information provided by the store and to register the return on the store's website before returning the goods. Please ensure you keep the return tracking information as evidence.

    1. When returning by post, ensure you keep the return tracking number as evidence and give the store a reasonable amount of time to receive the goods and process the refund for your return.

    2. If you're returning in-store, ensure you keep the return receipt as evidence. Please note that it usually takes a few additional days to process the refund for your in-store return.

  2. If you have given the store a reasonable amount of time to receive your return but have not yet received the refund, you can make a claim with Klarna. Log into the Klarna app or web portal and locate the purchase you would like to dispute. Select 'Report a return' from the options provided.

  3. When reporting a return to Klarna, please make sure you provide your return tracking information as evidence (i.e. your return tracking number or return receipt number). If you returned your goods by post, Klarna will use your return tracking information to obtain a status update on your return and on its arrival time at the store. If you returned your goods in-store, Klarna will grant the merchant additional days to process your return.

  4. If the store does not process your refund within the given time frame, Klarna will contact the store and ask them for an update. The merchant will either take action to refund the returned goods or provide information to Klarna as to why they did not refund the returned goods (e.g. the return policy has not been followed).

  5. If the store is not willing to provide your refund, Klarna may, at its absolute discretion, make a decision on the claim based on the evidence provided by you and the merchant.

Once you have reported a return following the guidelines above, Klarna will pause your payment until the issue has been solved. If you have fully or partially paid for a purchase upfront, Klarna will refund your payment if the return claim is resolved in your favour. In the event any refunds are made, Klarna will send the funds to the same source you used to make your payment.

By following these steps and providing evidence of your return, you can ensure that your return process is handled efficiently and fairly. Klarna will be there to help resolve any claims and make sure you receive the refund you are entitled to.

Note: If Klarna believes you are using the ‘Report a return’ option inappropriately or fraudulently, as will be determined at Klarna’s absolute discretion, we reserve the right not to pause your invoice when raising a return claim.

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