The Influencer Council

The Influencer Council.

Our expert task force unites, creating a best-in-class approach for advertising financial services.

Did you know that 46%* of consumers don’t know that #ad means that an influencer has been paid to promote a product or service?

In March 2021, we launched an Influencer Council in order to develop a best practice guide for influencers and brands advertising online. Klarna, alongside a panel of industry experts, created a Whitepaper to ensure transparency for all consumers when they see products advertised on social media. The Whitepaper explores what information social media users need to clearly understand the nature of promotions and paid partnerships including how the information can be presented in an instantly recognisable manner. The Council determined that it is essential to agree on three industry standard terms that are transparent, easy to understand and clearly communicate the relationship of influencer to brand which can be utilised across all platforms.

Glossary of terms.

When browsing social media, the following terms should highlight an influencers partnership with a brand. The proposal to move away from the traditional hashtag and use brackets is to clearly signal the term and post. If you spot the following in future, this is what each term means regarding an influencer’s working relationship with a brand…

So why now?


of Brits did not know that #ad meant an influencer has been paid by a company to promote a product or service.


of Brits who have seen an influencer/celebrity giving financial guidance have taken their advice.


of Gen-Z respondents look to Instagram for financial advice.

*Censuswide survey of 2.5k individuals conducted February 2021

Our goals.

In 2020, advertising changed forever. Brands moved away from some of the more traditional mediums such as outdoor, to bring their messages into peoples homes. With the rise of these channels, there became more uncertainty regarding what messages should be promoted, and questions on if all consumers understand when they are seeing an advert.

At Klarna, we have also identified that there is a lack of clarity regarding in particular the promotion of unregulated finance products. As the largest player in the market, with the number one goal of trust, we have a responsibility to consumers and our retail partners to provide a clear set of guidelines. Regulation has not kept pace with the sector, so we've pulled together an expert panel to help create clear guidance which we will invite others to adopt.

Ultimately, we want all consumers to feel empowered with the knowledge on when a post is being promoted, and where they are being given independent financial information. We want total transparency, greater trust and will encourage our extensive network of retail partners to join with us.

The inside scoop.

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The Influencer Council

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The Influencer Council

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The Influencer Council

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The Influencer Council

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Further information.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more information regarding the Klarna Influencer Council, please email:
Council members have been paid for their time to participate, but have not been paid to promote this activity.