Corporate social responsibility.

Our approach – three Os program.


We believe in being simple and straightforward in everything we do. That includes being open and transparent with our customers and merchants. No dodgy dealings. No funny business.

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We want to redefine payments and the way people shop. But we want to do so in a way that adds social value, champions diversity, and helps everyone achieve their ambitions – no matter their background.

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We believe in celebrating innovation in technology. Yes, we’re a tech company, but our success is built on imagination as much as it is built on algorithms and applications.

That’s why we’re proud to support creative initiatives both inside and outside of the business.

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Climate ambitions

Climate change is happening. Not sometime in the distant future, but right here, right now. It’s a profound, systemic, global challenge that will undoubtedly impact each and every one of us in ways we can hardly imagine. Even though Klarna has limited physical products – our technology powers online commerce for hundreds of thousands of merchants and millions of consumers across the globe – our operations and growth contributes to global climate change. We, like other companies, cannot and should not avoid our responsibility, but like everything else we do at Klarna, we want to focus on finding solutions that add value and have a real impact. We have already started a journey towards becoming more sustainable in how we function, but we know we need to do more and that’s why we have now significantly increased our ambitions and actions.

As a starting point, we met our own goal to become climate neutral for the year 2019. Thanks to our first ever climate report, we now also have invaluable insights into the ways we can make the biggest impact and reduce our emissions across different parts of our business going forward. While 2019 has been an important year in setting a framework for our climate work, we know we need to do more as we continue this journey. In this spirit, we’ve set clear goals and ambitions for our business towards which we will actively work until the year 2021:

  • Host 100% of our server use and data storage in the cloud.
  • Use renewable energy in 95% of offices where we have the ability to choose our own suppliers, and in 60% of all of our offices.
  • Reduce global air travel emissions by 5% per employee.

See how we work with corporate social responsibility

Do you want to know even more about what we have been doing so far? We started to report our activities and actions in this area since 2017 as part of our financial reporting, this exercise involved lots of teams across the organisation and was a great exercise to understand our impact. Read our ESG-Report 2018 here.