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Calling on Hessen’s local talent to join our momentum now.


by Klarna

Since we entered the region of Hessen in 2014, we have proven to be a different kind of player in the banking metropole of Frankfurt – one that keeps disrupting and innovating our business. Are you ready to join our momentum in Giessen, too? 

We make shopping smoooth. And we do it with flair because shopping is fun. Every day, we help customers, businesses, and partners explore just how smoooth the modern shopping experience can be. In fact, we’ve done that so well, that we’ve become Europe’s highest valued private fintech (and 2nd highest worldwide). 

We are on the lookout for new talent. 

To keep up with the pace of our growth, we officially announced in September 2021 our ambitious plans with the Giessen product development hub – which is to hire hundreds of talented engineers, product managers, designers, data scientists, and analysts to join our forces. 

We aim to equip the Giessen hub with multiple competencies. This is a great opportunity for you to work in cross-functional teams and help nurture the innovative ways our customers want to shop and our global retailers to grow their businesses to reach their aspirations.

Why you should join us.

We are on a journey to make Klarna the world’s favorite way to shop. Here we optimize for quality, flow, fast feedback, and time to market. To do this, we focus on end-to-end ownership, continuous improvement, testing, monitoring, and experimentation.

For us, it is important that teams are inclusive, helpful, and have a strong sense of ownership for the things they build. As an international company, we are benefiting from talented engineers with different perspectives. It’s the ideal place to make an impact on the life of our customers while also focussing on your personal development. 

As we scale up, new challenges arise, and we encourage you to drive your development and take on the challenges of a company in the grips of greatness. Move abroad, try a new team, or discover a role you never knew existed.  As your path changes, so do ours. So you choose yours, and we’ll still choose you.

What makes Klarna so special. 

Although we are a bank, we behave quite differently to traditional ones, which is the recipe for our success. Klarna is made up of more than 600 teams that operate like independent startups. The teams consist of roughly 4-8 people with different skill sets, and every team has its own problem space to solve. We don’t mind what type of tech stack and solutions you use – as long as they make sense for what you try to accomplish. This type of autonomy allows for speed, flow, and quality, leading to better products and a more extraordinary customer experience. 

We believe that the disruptive nature of our company fills a gap in the local economy of Hessen. And our hub is not an isolated entity but rather a part of the Klarna universe. Our teams work dynamically and across international borders, and together we’re engineering the world’s favorite way to shop.

About the office. 

The office in Giessen is centrally located next to the main train station at An der Alten Pos 4. With a roof terrace and an impressive view over the city, we are not only offering a great opportunity for a flexible working environment, but also a nice location for after works and events.

We suggest visiting the office to get a sense of how great it is or checking out our Giessen product development hub. Or read more here

Interested? Have a look at our open positions now!

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