Product development hubs.

Klarna is on a mission to innovate across shopping, payments, and banking. To succeed, we've created Product development hubs, where we gather hundreds of engineers and tech professionals to innovate and scale our business.

What the hubs are all about.

Klarna offers positions throughout the world, yet it's within the hubs that the majority of the product development takes place. The hubs are strategically spread across various regions to allow for diversity, customer-centered solutions, and creativity. Each hub is intended to host approximately 500 engineers and tech professionals. Together they are solving problems for Klarna's 90m consumers and helping 250,000 global retailers to grow their businesses.

How we make magic.

For us, it's vital to keep our startup spirit even though we're working towards becoming an even larger global company. To ensure quick-decision making and empowered employees, we need to work differently than traditional banks. That's why the hubs, just like the rest of Klarna, consist of small, agile, and collaborative teams. Every team has a strong sense of ownership and a mission that helps support Klarna as a whole and our customers. The teams are cross-functional, which means that engineers and product managers are bolstered by insights from other competences such as design, data science, analytics, marketing, and legal.

A comment from CTO Koen Köppen on the hubs.

Koen Köppen started back in 2011 as a solutions engineer and has held several key positions within product and engineering before advancing to Chief Technology Officer in 2017.

"At Klarna, we're rethinking payments, shopping, and banking. The hubs are at the core to ensure better products and ultimately a better experience for our merchants and customers. The hubs also serve the purpose of boosting our employees' careers. And as we scale, new challenges arise, so we're constantly looking for top talent to join us in our journey at one of our product development hubs."

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