Meeting the needs of our customers and surpassing expectations of shopping.

We define and steer Klarna’s offering.

Klarna products are found all around the world and as expected, needs vary. Our mission is to identify the needs of our customers and deliver products that solve real problems.

We design solutions for specific business problems, revise existing approaches and, ultimately, release awesome products. The result: well-purposed, data-driven solutions that make buying online simpler and safer for both retailers and the consumer.

As a diverse group of solution-minded individuals with close relationships across all areas of Klarna, we’re positioned to continually deliver unique approaches to any problem or need that arises. It’s our job to observe, question and resolve for the purpose of strengthening our customer offerings.

Bold. Quirky. Optimistic.

You’ll meet all kinds of people here. Every day they move Klarna forward. They shape our products. They shape our identity. That makes them our biggest assets.

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