Our Goal: Exceeding the needs of our customers by elevating the shopping and banking experience.

We define and steer Klarna’s offering.

Klarna products are found all around the world and as expected, needs vary. Our mission is to identify the needs of our customers and deliver products that solve real problems.
We design solutions for specific business problems, revise existing approaches and, ultimately, release awesome products. The result: well-purposed, data-driven solutions that make shopping safe and simple, for both retailers and the consumer.

As a diverse group of solution-minded individuals with close relationships across all areas of Klarna, we’re positioned to continually deliver unique approaches to any problem or need that arises. It’s our job to observe, question, and resolve for the purpose of strengthening our customer offerings.

Our track record

We have come a long way of delivering great Klarna products, some of our successes are:

  • A suite of consumer products that helps over 100 million consumers to manage their shopping, like finding the best deal, managing past purchases, discovering the latest trends, or finding the perfect pair of ethically sourced jeans.
  • Our diverse set of flexible payment solutions that enable millions of purchases every single day, both online and in-store, and give our consumers the power to choose when they pay for a purchase, how much they pay, and which payment method they prefer.
  • A set of global solutions that serve over 250K merchants. Products range from checkout solutions, on site messaging, advertisements, order management API’s, instore solutions etc.
  • A set of consumer friendly banking products that give consumers control and insights into their economy, like our card, insights based on PSD2 data, savings and bank accounts.
  • Numerous world-class platforms that provide capabilities to Klarna’s 300+ product teams and/or external partners. Solutions ranging from payment network integrations, ads serving, ledger capabilities, to data pipelines, realtime underwriting capabilities and best in class business portals.

We realize that great products don’t just happen – they must be created, shaped and maintained. We build products in cross-functional teams and empower them to solve hard problems – customer problems and business problems – in ways that our customers love, yet work for our business.

Our promise

Joining Klarna means enjoying a wide range of Klarna’s benefits and being a part of a global team that creates the world’s smooothest shopping banking experience, serving over 100 million consumers worldwide. We also promise you the following:

High level of Ownership, Autonomy, and Speed

Our ways of working at Klarna enable decision making at a team level. Teams enjoy end-to-end ownership of their problem space, are aligned on long-term vision rather than projects, and are measured on outcome rather than output. Enabling teams with accountability for their space allows us to optimize for speed, flow, and quality. Solving problems in the best possible way, as autonomously as possible.


Your impact at Klarna can be unlimited, with 100M+ active consumers and 250K+ merchants, your product can quickly have a great impact on the lives of our customers. And if your product is successful we are well prepared to invest more in it. Many of our products started out with just one team and have now grown into a big part of our overall business.


We are a mature product community with experienced Product Managers and Delivery Leads to learn from. Some of us have been around since the very beginning, some moved locations, many explored different problem areas or roles to grow knowledge and experience. To share our learnings we organize regular meetups and an annual conference together with Engineering. We have libraries with recommended must reads, encourage external training, and, we’ve documented our learnings and ways of working in our very own book: Product Management 101.


Sounds awesome, right? Well, every coin has two sides – along with all of the ownership, autonomy, speed, and impact comes high expectations. We believe that being a Product Manager or Delivery Lead at Klarna is not an easy task. As Product Manager you will have a lot of autonomy to influence your product, and with  this comes a lot of responsibility. Very much similar to a startup founder. In fact, many of our successful Product Managers have had founder experience before joining Klarna.

We also expect that you and your team become deep experts of your product, to build knowledge on what works and what doesn’t and drive a product towards a long-term vision.

Find your next Product Manager and Delivery Lead role at Klarna.