An inspired, customer focused community, dedicated to crafting solutions that redefine our industry.

We craft Klarna’s products.

Disrupting the financial sector starts and ends with products that work, are easy to use and stable day after day. The Engineering competence is pivotal in creating, maintaining and developing the Klarna experience.

We are developing the next generation of consumer apps and innovative payment options with unparalleled flexibility and convenience. We are designing cutting edge risk assessment and fraud detection solutions that work at world-class speed and reliability. We collect and correlate millions of data points that feed our core services with relevant customer insights.

We are a highly diverse competence represented by over 1400 engineers from all around the globe. And we empower engineers to own their deliveries and be able to quickly iterate on their work. As a result, we have almost 100% of our core assets in the cloud and most engineers release to production through merging to master.

The engineering competence is for example made of: – Front end developers – PHP developers – Software engineers – Software developers.

Klarna engineering graduate program.

Dear talents. Step into Europe’s highest valued private fintech company and discover your own irregular path. Explore the company through team rotations, training modules and challenging projects.

Bold. Quirky. Optimistic.

You’ll meet all kinds of people here. Every day they move Klarna forward. They shape our products. They shape our identity. That makes them our biggest assets. Here are just a few of them.

Klarna Engineering Alexandre Borel

Alexandre Borel

Engineering Manager

Klarna Engineering Case Taintor

Case Taintor

Engineering Director

Klarna Engineering Luisa Emme

Luisa Emme

Senior Engineer

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