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Disrupting the financial sector starts and ends with products that work, are easy to use and stable day after day. The Engineering competence is pivotal in creating, maintaining and developing the Klarna experience.

We are developing the next generation of consumer apps and innovative payment options with unparalleled flexibility and convenience. We are designing cutting edge risk assessment and fraud detection solutions that work at world-class speed and reliability. We collect and correlate millions of data points that feed our core services with relevant customer insights.

Being an engineer at Klarna.

Senior Engineering Program for Women.

At Klarna, we believe that investing in talented women within the field will not only lead to more diversity, but also to innovative breakthroughs that drive progress in the industry. The Senior Engineering Program for Women at Klarna is more than just a career development opportunity - it’s a beacon of hope for aspiring female engineers everywhere. We are fully committed to providing the resources and support needed for participants to reach their full potential and become leaders in their field.

With our focus on individual growth, challenging assignments, and personalized training, we are excited to see what incredible ideas and advancements will emerge from the talented women in this program.

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