Apr 26, 20225 min read

Graduate at Klarna: Valeryia Semianchuk


by Klarna

Last week, we talked about David’s experience as a graduate at Klarna, joining our Product Management competence. 

Today, we spotlight Valeryia, who, like David, joined our Klarna through our Graduate Program last year, but in a different side of our business – in the Solutions & Delivery competence. 

This is what she told us:


Why did you apply to the graduate program?

I have always been interested in the fintech industry, so when I learned about Klarna’s graduate program, I knew it would be a good fit for me.

I also really liked the concept of team rotations and getting exposure to different problem spaces. I found Klarna’s vision and communication really appealing – this was also something I got a chance to experience even more during the recruitment process later on.


What makes Life at Klarna special to you?

The network I was able to build here over the last couple of months. When you join Klarna’s graduate program, it gives you the opportunity to meet many fellow graduates from Day 1, quite often from all over the world with different skill sets and interests.

As you keep navigating through Klarna, you will meet many extraordinary people. Some of them will even become your friends, which is something you can be really excited about.

We also have a great company culture, where we value and respect each other and have fun along the way! Oh, and don’t even get me started on the office breakfast, Fika’s, and company events!


How has your time in the graduate program supported your development?

I think Klarna’s graduate program truly helped me to grow both from a professional and personal point of view.

I can confidently say that I improved my problem-solving and reasoning skills. How? By being given a set of responsibilities very early on and knowing that I am being treated as an equal contributor in my team.

The environment at Klarna is really fast-paced, and when I say this, I mean it. True, this can sometimes be challenging, but it also gives you countless opportunities to make an impact and to always find ways to do things better.

Moreover, our Graduate Program managers were always by our side, organizing various soft skills development training sessions, which I really appreciate. Soft skills are as important as technical skills here in Klarna, and it’s great to have resources available to help you grow. People will always check on you and offer support, which is truly amazing.


What has been your favorite part of working in the Solutions & Delivery competence so far?

Solutions & Delivery is a unique competence in Klarna because it gives you the opportunity to work directly with our Partners and deepen your understanding of the e-commerce market.

My favorite thing about being a part of Solutions & Delivery competence is to be the person who represents Klarna’s product to our Partners, comes up with solutions that will help their business to grow and develop, and guides them through the complexities of integration processes. I enjoy being a bridge between various Product Management and Engineering teams at Klarna and our partners.

The best part is that you never stop learning. Should you have any tiny doubts or questions, be sure that your colleagues from Solutions & Delivery will happily jump on a call with you for a spontaneous brainstorming session! Knowledge sharing is definitely one of the greatest things I have experienced here so far.


Any advice for people interested in joining the graduate program at Klarna?

Even though the recruitment process can seem to be lengthy and complicated at first, don’t worry, it’s not! When you apply, spend some time on the application questions, think of what you can bring to the company, and reflect on your goals. Here are some tips that can help you:


  • Study different competences carefully (available on the career page) and assess yourself in terms of core competence skills – Klarna has many competences and it is very important to find the one that fits your profile the most. If in doubt, try connecting with other Klarnauts around the world to get some advice.
  • Get familiar with our Leadership Principles as we use them as guidance in our day-to-day job. Try to apply every principle to your own experience and come up with examples of when you acted in accordance to them. Having those little examples will help you a lot during your interviews!
  • Stay brave and curious. I think these are the traits we value the most in Klarna. Show them during your recruitment process, engage with people you meet along the way, and take your time to ask any questions you might have. 



Valeryia’s story is just a sneak peek into what #LifeAtKlarna could look like for you if you joined us through our Graduate Program.

Remember: The applications are still open and you can find out everything about the application process and available roles here. Are you ready to join us?